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Who are these companies? Why do they get involved? What do they like? What can you get from them? What can you offer them? What are the differences between donations, sponsorship, advertising and cause related marketing? Are companies just like trusts? How do you find these companies? How do you research them? How do you contact them? How do you pitch to them? How do you negotiate with them? When should you say no? How do you draft contracts? How do you manage the relationships? What could go wrong? What are the tax issues? What are the legal considerations?

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Workshops consist of talk, discussions, questions and answers. There are no power points or audio visuals used. Each workshop follows a script. By using scripts more topics can be covered in less time with complete accuracy. If you don't like listening to someone talk then you won't enjoy the workshop. Participants are sent a full copy of the script by email after the workshop. Many participants have found it useful to have a copy of a script which matched word for word what was said on the workshop.

What you require


Staff members, volunteers, trustees or board members of charities, schools, not for profits or public sector organisations who wish to attract or boost fundraising income from large companies. People who provide advice to these organisations are also welcome.