Building a Fairer Sector with CharityJob

At CharityJob, we recognise that discrimination continues to be a problem in our sector. We are deeply committed to addressing this issue head on 

We want to support the charities that we work with to build a workforce that is more representative of the communities they serve. That’s why we’re really happy to announce two measures that we’re taking to promote fairness and transparency in our recruitment.  

Introducing the sector’s first anonymous hiring tool

We are excited to share that we have just launched the sector’s first anonymous hiring tool on Applicant Manager – which will go a long way in helping you to achieve your diversity pledges. It will be available free of charge to all charities posting jobs with us.

Recruiters posting with us will now have the option to anonymise the applications they receive on a role – removing key personal details, such as names and email addresses until first contact with the applicant. We hope that this tool will be a powerful asset to any charity looking to reduce bias in their recruitment.  Candidates will be able to see whether a charity is receiving applications anonymously for a given position through this new logo on our site: 

“ We recently used the new Applicant Manager with the ability to anonymise candidates for the first time. It’s really straightforward to use and has saved us time and resource to manage the application process. I am delighted that it also removes the need to use a lengthy application form which we know presented a potential barrier to candidates. We also used the CharityJob Diversity in Charity Recruitment Guide to improve our recruitment practices and successfully recruited 3 new candidates from underrepresented groups to ensure we better reflect the communities we serve. ”

Katie Higginson, Chief Executive at Community Impact Bucks

Job ads with a fully disclosed salary 

As of this week, CharityJob will only receive job ads with the salary fully disclosed.* We are pleased that this change has been made and we hope that it sets an industry standard for better salary transparency. 

Did you know?   

Publishing your salary means that you’re likely to get twice the amount of successful applications Importantly, it allows you to gain the trust of both current and prospective employees, which will benefit you in the long run.

*Note that this only applies to UK-based roles. Current ads without salaries stated will remain on the site until their expiry date. Charities that have bought bulk job ads prior to this announcement will not be required to display salary until their credits have expired.

Lead the way in building a fairer sector

If you’re already registered, you’ll see Applicant Manager come up as part of your job posting journey. Start using it today for free and help us to lead the way in building a fairer sector. 

Got any other questions about our job ads or Applicant ManagerGet in touch with us. 

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