About Us

CharityJob is the UK's first and foremost specialist job board for the non-profit, NGO, social enterprise, CIC and voluntary sectors. We draw on more than two decades of insight and personal experience, to align inspiring organisations like yours with the brightest talent.

Our mission

We help charities find people who share their purpose, faster, easier and fairly.

Helping charities thrive

Your budget should be spent on making a difference. So we’re dedicated to freeing organisations like yours from high recruitment costs.

Connecting you with the brightest talent

Your charity works better with the right people on board and so do they.

Empowering the community

We listen. We learn. We act. We’re changing the conversation around charity recruitment, to better represent the values of both causes and candidates.

Making recruitment fairer for all

We believe in fairness and transparency. That’s why we’re committed to improving hiring practices within the sector.

Our story

Our story began at the turn of the millennium. After 20 years of working in the charity sector, Steve and Raya Wexler realised how difficult it was for the non-profit sector to recruit the best people.

In November 1999, they decided to create a job site that would help charities save money. They co-founded CharityJob in February 2000, launching it from the box room in their home, before renting their first office in Kingston in 2002.

Today, we’re proud to share our achievements with you, including:

Join the 20,000 organisations that trust us

You are the company that you keep. So since 2006, we’ve been teaming up with other purpose-driven organisations. We currently work with NCVO, LinkedIn and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, allowing our clients to cross-post jobs to their websites.

Our candidates

We attract candidates from all sectors, disciplines and levels of experience. We’re proud to attract a more diverse range of people than you’ll find in the sector, or the population as a whole.

We offer our candidates guidance and information in our career advice blog and upskilling opportunities through our courses. We also invite them to join their peers and be part of our community on CharityConnect.

Our roles

We host around 3,000 roles across the UK, with jobs in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and many other locations worldwide, as well as remote and hybrid roles. Whether you're looking for a job in fundraising, marketing, campaigning, project management, or your next leadership role, we've got you covered.

Our values

Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do. We want to lead the way in building a fairer sector. That's why you'll be gifted our Applicant Manager system, which offers the option of anonymous recruitment, removing applicants’ key details until first contact with them to help remove bias.

As part of our commitment to give back to the sector, we donate a percentage of our profits to small charities we admire.


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