Why Charity Job?

How do I know your candidates will be relevant to my role?

We’re a specialist job board for the charity sector, so all our candidates are looking specifically for charity roles. This ensures that you get the most relevant applications. Did you know that 76% of our candidates choose roles based on the cause they support? Learn more about our reach.

I work for a small charity - will you offer me alternatives that fit my budget?

Of course! Actually, depending on the number of your employees, we already have some offers for small charities saving you up to £272!

Do you have candidates senior enough for manager, director or trustee roles?

Yes, we do. New managers sign up with us all the time at all levels, including senior managers, directors and CEOs. Learn more about the candidates you can target on CharityJob.

How many applications can I expect?

The number of applications you receive will depend on which type of job ad and application method you choose. But we can tell you that, on average, Enhanced job ads receive 95% more clicks on the ‘apply’ button than Branded ads. View our different types of job ads. If you want more applications, you can give your job ad an extra push by picking one of our ad enhancement options.

What makes you a charity sector specialist?

We're the first charity specialist job site in the UK. Our founders came from the sector and we know it inside out. We're also the only UK job board with exclusive partnerships with NCVO and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising.

Do you give back to the charity sector?

We have a history of donating a share of our profits to the small charities we admire. We also give back to the sector through the products and services that we offer. This includes Charity Connect, our free networking platform for charity professionals. We also offer a number of free tools through CharityJob Recruiter when you post a job with us.

How many candidates will see my job?

Each month, more than 234,500 candidates browse our website. The number of job views will depend on your specific role, the type of job ad you choose and if you’re using any add-ons, like a newsletter button.

Choosing a product

Are the volunteer adverts free?

Yes, they are. Basic volunteer ads are free to post. Just log in or register a new account to start posting.

What other products do you offer?

To give your job an extra push, we offer several services to allow you to target a larger number of candidates or more specific candidates (or both!), from Email Advertising to a CV Match Service. Have a look at all of our extra services or give your account manager a call on 020 8939 8430 to hear about your options.

Which package best suits my needs?

It will come down to your recruitment needs. Sometimes you need to reach as many candidates as possible with services like Email Advertising. Sometimes you need to target specific candidates with services like CV Match or Handpicked Emails. Sometimes you need both. That’s why we have cross-posting partnerships with NCVO, LinkedIn and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising. To figure out which will suit you best, give us a quick call on 020 8939 8430.

If I bundle different types of products together, do I get a discount?

Our account managers can also build bespoke packages tailored to your specific recruitment needs. We're here to help you get the most out of your budget, however big or small. Just give us a call on 020 8939 8430.

Multiple ads

Can I buy multiple job ads at once? How many?

When it comes to multiple job ads, the sky's the limit. If you recruit more than twice a year, we offer bundles of 3, 5, 10 and 25 ads to start with. But if your needs are bigger, you can easily go up to 50, 100, 250 and more, saving you up to 65% on the original price. All of our multiple ad credits are valid for 12 months. Visit our multiple ads page to see how much you might save, or call us on 020 8939 8430.

Can I buy mixed packages of job ads?

Yes—you can purchase multiple job ads of the same type or you can mix different type of ads. Call your account manager on 020 8939 8430 and they'll go through your options with you.

How long do my credits last?

All bulk ad credits (starting at a minimum of 3) last for 12 months. If you get to the end of that period and want to renew your ad credits, give your account manager a call on 020 8939 8430.

Technical questions

How do I create a new recruiter account?

Simply register here. Once you’ve registered and have activated your account, you can access your recruiter dashboard and start posting jobs straight away.

How do I sign-in into my recruiter account?

From our homepage, firstly click on ‘Are you recruiting?’ and then the ‘log in’ button on the next page (or go directly to the recruiter login page here). Enter your email address and password, then click the yellow ‘Sign in’ button. And if you tick the ‘Remember me’ box then you won’t have to log in every time you visit CharityJob.

I have forgotten my password and/or my email address what do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the password reset page and enter your email address. You’ll then receive a reset link so you can create a new one. If you’ve forgotten the email address you used to register your account, call our Customer Success team on 020 8939 8430.

What if I don't have a charity email domain name? Can I still register?

Yes you can. All you have to do is call your account manager on 020 8939 8430 so they can help you get started, or email [email protected].

What are my payment options?

You can pay online through WorldPay or via a bank transfer. Whichever you choose, we'll send you a numbered invoice stating the amount you need to pay. You then have the option to pay now or later (within 30 days). Our bank details, along with your payment options, can be found at the bottom of your invoice.

Do I have to pay before posting my job ad?

No, we always give you the option to pay now or pay later. You have 30 days to pay an invoice, starting from the original posting date of your job ad. You can pay online through WorldPay or do a bank transfer.

How do I pay online?

You can pay online through WorldPay. You'll need your invoice number (on the invoice we'll send you) and the amount you need to pay. If you can't find your invoice number, call our Customer Success team on 020 8939 8430.

Is VAT included in the prices?

Prices listed do not include VAT. But if you're a registered charity then you're exempt from paying VAT on the majority of our products. Any VAT that is applicable will be shown on your final invoice. Any doubts? Give us a call on 020 8939 8430.

How do I get a VAT receipt for online payments?

Whenever you make a payment, you'll receive a receipt by email that you can print out. And you can also print your final invoice that will list any VAT.