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Research and insights

Recruiter Insights for July 2024

The latest facts and figures from the labour market. This update is based on the jobs posted...

Hiring the right people

How to Reject a Candidate the Right Way

How you reject unsuccessful job applicants says a lot about your charity. Here are a few tips...

Running your charity

How to Get Feedback From Employees

One way to improve employee retention is by gathering, analysing and actioning their feedback. This can help...

Research and insights

Key Insights From the CharityJob Pay and Retention Report 2024

The CharityJob Pay and Retention Report 2024 provides insights into salary trends and job search preferences in...

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Running your charity

5 Steps Towards Being an Eco-Friendly Charity

Candidates are often attracted to organisations that value the environment. Here's how charities can be more eco-friendly.

Supporting your team

How to Support Disabled Employees in the Workplace

There are 16 million disabled people in the UK, that’s one in four people. Disabled people are...

Running your charity

Are Your Work Socials Inclusive?

Work socials can help drive success and wellbeing at your charity. Here's how to make your work...

Employment market

Recruiter Insights for April 2024

Our latest Recruiter Insights, highlighting key facts and figures from the labour market during January–March 2024.  

Employment market

Charity Salaries Today: Key Insights From the CharityJob Salary Report 2024

Here are key insights on charity salaries and recruitment trends from the CharityJob Salary Report 2024.

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