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Research and insights

What are CharityJob’s Candidate Demographics?

Fairness and diversity matter to us. So we've done some research into who our active candidates are.

Supporting your team

Why You Should Have a Fertility Policy at Work

One in six people worldwide are currently experiencing fertility problems. It’s common for staff to end up reducing...

Hiring the right people

How and Why to Bring Young Trustees on Board

Interested in diversifying your trustee board? Here's why you should recruit young trustees, with tips on how...

Supporting your team

How to Support Neurodivergent Employees

It's estimated that around 15% of the UK population is neurodivergent in some way. We look at...

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Research and insights

Recruiter Insights for October 2023

In addition to sharing our advice and insights on recruitment in the charity sector and how to...

Running your charity

How to Develop a Positive Workplace Culture at a Charity

Research has shown the importance of a positive workplace culture to attracting and retaining employees. Here are...

Research and insights

Our Charitable Giving: The Impact on Our 2022 Winners

In 2022, CharityJob made donations to several small charities as part of our commitment to give back...

Hiring the right people

How to Write a Good Job Description

Writing a good job description is essential. It’s the gateway to reaching top talent and your charity’s...

Running your charity

How to Build Psychological Safety in the Workplace

The concept of psychological safety is gaining recognition. What is it, why is it important and how...

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