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Are you using CharityJob Recruiter? It’s our handy end-to-end hiring platform that’ll streamline your recruitment process. Simple and intuitive, it saves you time, increases applications and drives diversity in your workforce. And best of all, it’s FREE to use when you post a job with us.

Here’s how CharityJob Recruiter can help you plan, manage and monitor all in one place.

How to access CharityJob Recruiter

Start by choosing the best package for you. When you post an ad, select Quick Apply as the application method and you’ll get access to all the great benefits listed below.


Increase your applications

Our research shows that 59% of candidates are put off from applying for jobs with long application forms. By using Quick Apply, you’ll make the application process simpler and easier for candidates, driving up to twice as many applications as other methods.

Screen candidates

With CharityJob Recruiter, you can set up screening questions to easily shortlist candidates. These are a short set of questions at the start of a job application. They can be ‘yes/no’ or open questions. Use them to highlight applicants who have the right skills and experience for a job, or to filter out those who don’t.

Benchmark your salaries

Use our Salary Checker to help you find out how much you need to pay to attract the best candidates. Enter the job title and location and we’ll search all the jobs we’ve advertised with the same title in the last 12 months. We’ll show you the average salary and the upper and lower ranges.

Reduce bias

You’ll have the option to anonymise the applications you receive by switching on Anonymous Recruitment. We’ll remove key personal details, such as names and email addresses until you choose to contact the applicant. It’s a powerful way to help you reduce bias and work towards greater equality, diversity and inclusion.

Track applicants with ease

You can track your candidates through the hiring pipeline and easily schedule interviews via a shared calendar. We’ll email you whenever a new application comes through, so you can review and respond to candidates in real time. Just log into CharityJob Recruiter to:

  • view all applications in the pipeline
  • shortlist candidates
  • move them to interview stage or mark them as unsuitable.

Multiple users can have access, which means you can share notes and collaborate effectively with your colleagues.

Save time on communication

79% of the candidates we surveyed said they wouldn’t apply to a charity that had previously ignored their application. With CharityJob Recruiter, you easily communicate to all candidates. Create and personalise email templates for bulk communication, and email them directly from the tool.

…And finally, with your personalized dashboard, it’s easy to track and analyze your ad’s performance.

You’ll get all this for FREE when you post a role using Quick Apply.

To get your free access to CharityJob Recruiter, simply post a job or speak to your account manager today. We’re here to help every step of the way.

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