8 myths about job hunting unravelled

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While the skills gap is contributing to the talent shortage that the job market is currently experiencing, there are also job seeker derailing their search by falling into the trap of some job search misconceptions.

We’ve created a list of the biggest job hunting myths so that you can disregard them and continue your job search productively.

Apply for as many jobs as possible

There are many cases that less is definitely more, job hunting is one of them. You don’t just want to be seen… you want to be remembered. Sending a generic CV that doesn’t fit the needs of the job specification isn’t the way to stand out. Instead of sending your CV to more organisations than you can count, narrow your search down to roles and places that you would truly love to work for. Having trouble tweaking your CV? Here are some extra tips that you can put to practice.

Job hoppers are frowned upon

Moving around can give you an opportunity to gain new skill sets, work in challenging environments and meet some amazing people. Also, with an increasing number of people taking on contract work the rise of freelancing, having worked for a number of organisations isn’t always something to worry about.

Cover letter is not as important as a well tailored CV

Unless specified in the job details, it is rare that a recruiter will make the time to review your application or CV without a cover letter. Chances are, the reason that they read your CV is because your cover letter has prompted them to do so. Don’t miss out on a chance to impress a recruiter with your personality as well as your skills by failing to write a great cover letter. And, if you’re having trouble with nailing it, we have some great tips here.

Your CV should be 1 page

You can make your CV concise and to the point, without cutting out some of your best work. Leaving out achievements and relevant projects for the sake of fitting your CV to a page isn’t productive. After all, this is your introduction to a recruiter and they will be oblivious to anything that has taken place in your career that’s off the page. In fact, who said that your CV even has to be on a page? There are plenty of creative ways to present yourself. Why not try a video CV or a Prezzi to stand out from the crowd.

Lowering your salary expectations makes you a more attractive candidate

Maybe you’ve been looking for a new job for a little while and you’re eager for change. You might want to escape the corporate world or shift careers, whatever your reason for job hunting, lowering salary expectations doesn’t make the process any easier. While this might seem like a strategy worth using to close the deal quickly, sooner or later, the less than ideal financial situation will become frustrating. You might find your dream job and organization that doesn’t quite have the budget for your desired salary. In this case, lowering your salary expectations may be worth-while but make sure that you can live comfortably.

Take the first offer you get

Job hunting can become tough and frustrating at times. It’s not the act of looking for a job that we enjoy, but the relief of finding one that allows us to connect with our passions. There’s often a sense of urgency to accept the first job that we’re offered just to escape the process. But it pays to remember that the only job you should accept is the one that allows your career to move in the right direction.

Following up is like nagging & will irritate recruiters

If there’s one thing that recruiters love, it’s a thank you email! Following up is essential and can really help you to stand out from other candidates. Make sure that you’re … by keeping your thank you note short, sweet and using it as another example of why you’re the perfect fit.

No one will check you out online

We live in a world where digital technology thrives and a simple Google search can bring up everything from your last tweet to company profile. Recruiters have been using social media and the likes to screen applicants before inviting them in for an interview for years. And, as we as a global nation become more digitally savvy, these practices will continue to develop. Anything that you post can and will be used as a sort of background check. So make sure that you’re online reputation is clean and tidy.

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