A Career in Non-Profit: Is it Really For You?

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Often our working life can be mean putting moral, cultural or societal values on the back seat. This separation of our ‘work-selves’ and ‘personal-selves’ typically results in high levels of job dissatisfaction. But aligning the two offers you the chance to bring your passions into your every day working life, and what could be more fulfilling than that?

The search for value-driven work is ultimately what leads people to the charity sector. But what do you really know about jobs in non-profit? Do you know, for instance, how many charities actually exist in the UK? Did you also know that you can do a job you’re already skilled at to support a cause you care about at one of these many charities?

We want to help you discover all this and so much more, because working for a cause you’re passionate about really can bring you unparalleled levels of job satisfaction. So here’s a recap of what we covered in January and February’s episodes of 9 to Alive, our youtube series where we help you turn your 9 to 5 into a more meaningful career. In them, you might just discover everything you need to start your 9 to Alive career.

A Career in Non-Profit: Is it Really For You?

The basics

There’s a lot more to working in non-profit than you might think. Watch the video below to find out just how many charities there are in the UK and you’ll see what we mean. The sector really does offer you the chance to pursue your passions. But it also encourages and welcomes passionate people. So whether you want to end homelessness, support refugees, save the environment, cure diseases, increase access to arts and culture, work in museums, do yoga or play football, there really is something for everyone! There truly are so many amazing places to work in the sector, that it’s hard not to get excited about at least some of them.

The chance to change the world

We aren’t exaggerating when we say this. Working for a charity is a wonderful way to leave your mark on the world and really change society for the better. But don’t think that a career in non-profit necessarily means having to retrain or change your skill set. You can still be a Marketing Manager, Finance Director or Logistics Co-ordinator, but working to support animals instead.

And better still, the sector offers a whole new range of exciting roles that don’t exist in the corporate world that you can transfer your skills over to, such as Volunteer Management, Campaigning or Fundraising. Sounds good, right? Well, that’s exactly what our most recent guest on 9 to Alive does. Meet Jo Dunsford, European and UK Director of Animals Asia. Jo channeled her passions into raising millions of pounds to rescue bears from bile farms and captivity. As a direct result, they’ve managed to change the laws in Vietnam to provide bears with greater protection. In this interview, learn what it’s like to work as a fundraiser in a UK charity, inspiring people from around the world to come together and make a tangible difference.


Learning from the best

We don’t like to drop names, but we will so here it goes. When Michelle Obama says something, the world listens. So when we discovered that just as her successful law career was really getting into gear, Michelle left it all behind for a more fulfilling role in non-profit we just had dig into it a little deeper. In this episode, we share with you what we learnt about Michelle’s career change as she outlines in her book, Becoming. Learn how she came to realise that she needed to change career, and uncover the steps she took to go about it. This was way before her husband’s successful political career so there was no Presidential salary in place to support her. Michelle simply knew she wanted to make a difference, so she set about changing her life and in turn, the lives of others.

The next step

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So, are you ready to turn you 9 to 5 into 9 to Alive? Let us know in the comments below!

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