Charity Cover Letter Template

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Cover letters can be the most troublesome part of any job application. Get it right, and it can make up for elements your CV may be lacking. Get it wrong, and all that time you’ve spent building your CV may go to waste. (For the perfect CV, click here to download our charity cv template).

Cover letters when applying to charities are particularly important, as it’s your chance to set out to the charity exactly why you want to join them in their cause. You get to show your passion, outline why you’d be the perfect fit, and tell them how your own beliefs correspond to their mission and vision statements. In charity cover letters it’s more important than in private sector cover letters to really talk about the organisation itself. Demonstrate that you know your stuff, and that you will work tirelessly to help achieve their aims. Charities really care about you as a person and how you will fit into the organisation, so make sure a little of your own personality comes through too.

Download our charity cover letter template and by following a similar format you will be sure to include all the information charities are looking for.

But remember, the basic rules for cover letters still apply, stick to one page max, make sure your spelling and grammar is perfect, and check, check, and check it again!


Click here to download our charity cover letter template

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