How to Write a Covering Letter for a Charity Marketing Position

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Did you know that a job advert in the UK will receive an average of 25 applications? And that was before the pandemicThose figures are even higher now. 

For this reason you need to go that extra mile to stand out from the crowd, especially with marketing roles where competition can be fierce.  

So, with a lot riding on getting your application just right, we thought we’d help. We’ve pulled together some of our top advice for writing a stellar cover letter that will help you to land a charity marketing position.  

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Make sure you’re tailoring your cover letter  

Just like your CV, it is important that you tailor every cover letter you write to the role and company you’re applying to.  

After all, a generic cover letter not only looks unprofessional but it won’t help to boost your chances of landing the job.  

So even if you choose to use a template to help you with your application, make sure you’re writing a unique letter each time. It should highlight your marketing expertise and includes key outcomes that marketing teams like to see, such as increasing traffic, leads, customers and revenue. 

Keep it short and sweet  

Recruiters don’t have time to read through pages and pages of content, so you need to grab their attention quickly (just like you would when writing an article headline or email subject). 

A cover letter for a charity marketing position should be as concise as possible. Three to four short paragraphs is preferable and certainly no longer than one A4 page. 

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Get the structure right  

The structure of your cover letter is largely up to you. But there is a common layout you can follow to ensure you’re including all the relevant information.  

Typically, a cover letter would include the following sections 

Introduction – State which position you’re interested in and why. You might also wish to say where you found the role (for example, on their social media or the charity website) 

Paragraph one – Set out your most relevant marketing skills and experience and showcase how they match those featured in the job description. 

Paragraph two – Delve a little deeper into your most relevant experience, focusing on the outcomes that you achieved.  

Final paragraph – Include a call to action such as requesting an interview or letting them know your availability.

Try to address the hiring manager by name  

Where possible, you should start your letter by addressing the hiring manager by name.  

This might require a bit of background research but helps to make your letter more personal and shows you did your research.  

If you can’t find the name of the hiring manager, try to avoid archaic phrases like ‘Dear Sir or Madam.’ Instead address the letter to the head of department for the role.  

Even if they won’t be the person reading your letter, it shows you still bothered to find out more about the charity and its people. 

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Show how you can add real value 

It’s not enough to just mention that you’ve got impressive marketing skills or previous experience in the charity industry. You also need to prove the positive impact that you had. One of the best ways of doing this is through facts and figures 

For example:  

“As an Email Marketing Manager, I was responsible for setting up email automation for the charity. I also segmented the database by donor, with the aim of delivering more relevant content. As a result, average open rates increased by 23% and click through rates by 61%.” 


“In my previous role as marketing assistant at company X, I wrote and published over 50 articles which lead to a 60% increase in traffic and over 100 extra signups. 

Don’t just repeat your CV 

It’s important to remember when showcasing your skills and experiences that your cover letter is not simply a repetition of your CV.  

This is your chance to expand on any skills or achievements that you’re particularly proud. Remember to focus on the ones that are most relevant to the role for which you’re applying.  

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Remember to proofread

The final step when getting your charity cover letter just right is ensuring you haven’t made any silly mistakes. Spelling or grammatical errors look unprofessional, sloppy and don’t reflect well on you.   

So be sure to proofread your letter several times before submitting it and perhaps even have someone else look it over for you.

Are you ready to perfect your marketing cover letter? 

Competition for roles is tough and this can be particularly true in the charity sector.  

However, by following our tips and advice above, you can write a top covering letter that will help you to stand out from other applicants and get the charity marketing position of your dreams. Good luck! 

Andrew Fennell

Andrew Fennell is an experienced recruiter and founder of CV and careers advice websites StandOut CV and Job description library, as well as being a regular contributor to sites such as CV Library, The Guardian and Business Insider.

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