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Writing a CV can be a tricky thing. Whilst you want it to be individual, you also need to make sure it looks professional and markets you in the best possible way. A CV template is the easiest way to achieve these aims whilst also taking out a lot of the hassle for you!

Recruiters are increasingly using technology to scan through CV’s to pull out the ones with the most relevant key words. So conforming to a simple format and making sure to include the information recruiters look for is crucial. When filling out our template, feel free to individualise it as you like but we do advise that you complete all of the sections included. That way you can know for sure that there isn’t anything missing. Also be warned that recruiters can see a generic CV a mile off. In the charity sector in particular people want to know that you care about that specific cause – so tailor your charity CV accordingly.

Recent Graduates

For recent graduates, consider placing your education at the top of your CV as this is really your selling point if you haven’t garnered much experience in the relevant field just yet. Prioritise things like internships (even if they’re unpaid) and volunteer work as these will really speak to charities!

Career shifters

Career shifters should bare in mind that a charity sector CV you would use for the corporate sector might not cut it in the world of charity. Your experience and skills are still extremely valuable so don’t be put off – it’s simply a case of marketing them in a slightly different way. Whilst charity recruiters are interested (and impressed) that you increased company turnover by 127%, they also care about you as a person.

Use your mission statement to say why you want to shift sectors, what you care about and what you want to achieve by working for a charity. Highlight your skills to show that they meet the job criteria, but also make use of the hobbies/interests section to show you are a rounded person. Tell them what your passions are and what excites you. Additionally, if you’ve never worked for a charity before then big up any volunteering you have done to show you do have charitable experience.

Last thing

Finally, remember to be as accurate as possible with your dates, consider what skills you have learnt from each role and include them, and make sure that a little bit of you shines through the facts and figures.

Georgina D'Souza

Digital Marketing Executive at CharityJob. Lover of cat-related memes.

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