Find Your Why: Taking A Leap and Shifting Into The Charity Sector

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We know how many of you aspire to change careers by moving into the charity sector. It’s clear that you’re really passionate about a cause and, to put it simply (even if a little cliché), you want to make a difference in the world.

But we also know that shifting into the sector comes with its challenges. Even with the best of intentions, you still have to figure out how the sector operates and where you fit within it.

We wanted to show you that, even with these trials, it is possible and the reward on the other side is very much worth the journey. So, we sought out some professionals in the sector who had made the leap, shifted from the corporate sector and begun working for non-profit organisations.

Find Your Why: Taking A Leap and Shifting Into The Charity Sector

What we found out

And after discovering that 1 in 4 people in the UK are unhappy at work, we wanted to do something positive that could change that. Fortunately, we also found that people who work for non-profits are 8 times happier at work than the average person, so presenting the sector as a solution was a no brainer.

We heard so many amazing stories about the transformation that moving into the charity sector had had on people’s lives – which is why we decided to team up with three of these people and share their stories with you.


Spreading the word about non-profit career shifts

Hannah, Preeya and Scott were all once in your position. And as you can see, even though the sector comes with a unique set of challenges, they are still getting a lot in return. For us, these videos were about inspiring people and getting them to think about what they could gain from changing their careers. We hope you enjoyed hearing their stories as much as we did!

Six months after launching these videos, they’ve reached over 1.3 million views across all of our social channels and had quite an impact. We worked hard to spread the word far and wide to also inspire and motivate the thousands of people across the UK who feel unhappy or unfulfilled at their current workplace.

More than anything, we’re incredibly grateful that so many of you viewed, shared and showed an interest in our videos! We hope they have inspired you to keep going until you find the role that is right for you.


6 Ways to Transfer Your Skills to The Charity Sector

Stepping into a new career path takes time, hard work and dedication. Take a moment to present yours..

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They made the shift, and so can you

Last thing! We also know that it’s one thing to be inspired, and another to actually take action toward fulfilling that goal. So if you’re looking for advice about how to shift into the charity sector, check out our new educational program on YouTube – 9 To Alive. We created it with career shifters in mind, so they have the information, advice and support to make a well-informed career shift.

Did you shift into the charity sector? Share your story in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

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