Why Should You Work for a Charity That Helps Vulnerable Children?

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As a parent of a child who is more vulnerable than most, you become significantly more aware of just how important child safety is. Not everyone has the same advantages you may have known growing up, and there are dedicated and passionate people that work hard to incite real change.

Throughout the world, young people and children live in fear and all that stands between them and suffering is the work of selfless people and charities. It begs you to ask yourself, could you be doing more to help these children in need? If you’re looking for a job that allows you to give back and truly make a difference, maybe you should consider working for a charity that helps underprivileged children.


The benefits of working for a children’s charity

The experience of supporting my own disadvantage child has allowed me an intimate look at how noble the work the non-profit industry has been doing really is. Charities that help young people offer so much to society; they help fight against broken systems, giving children a second chance in life they may not have had otherwise. And doing this type of work doesn’t just make you feel good, it gives you a newfound sense of purpose.

According to Psychology Today, a more meaningful life is a healthier life; working towards a purpose that means something to you reduces stress and promotes healthy behaviour. But even beyond that, you’re creating happier and healthier environments for children all around the world – and there’s no benefit better than that.

So, who are we helping and how can we truly make an impact?

Why Should You Work for a Charity That Helps Vulnerable Children?

What denotes vulnerability?

Vulnerability is quite a loose term and can be defined differently depending on where you are and what the situation is. But in the plainest sense of the word, it’s the increased likelihood of physical or emotional abuse.

So, if we were to break that down, vulnerability means that you’re at a greater risk of being hurt. Innately, children are already the most vulnerable members of our society, but certain factors put them at even greater risk. Some of the more common types of vulnerable children include:


1. Disabled

Disability of all forms whether physical, mental or both, can drastically increase how vulnerable a child is. The world is a harsh environment and even in our heavily developed British society, those with disabilities still struggle day-to-day and are regularly targeted.

Consider how easy it would be to target a child in a more challenging and unpredictable environment. It’s scary to consider. The work that charities do to support these young people is both invaluable and essential, we really should be trying our hardest to help, whether that means volunteering in your local charity shop or becoming a full-time employee.

Some notable charities that work to help disabled children include:

Explore jobs with charities that help disabled children.



2. Orphans

Our parents teach us, educate us and guide us through our youth, arguably having the biggest impact on who we are and who we become. Without our parents, we would be at the world’s mercy; forced to learn through mistakes and harsh lessons. Children can become orphans for many reasons, from the death of their parents to abandonment, but each of them is in the same position – forced to become an adult too quickly and without a place to call home. Charity projects are absolutely essential for supporting these incredibly vulnerable members of our society but they can’t function without our help.

Some notable charities that help orphaned children at home and abroad include:

Explore jobs with charities that help orphaned children.


3. Refugees

There are many reasons why a family could be displaced and forced to move from their home, though the most common cause is war. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if you’re faced with death and destruction each day, but that’s exactly what refugees go through.

Children are uprooted, often risking their lives with just the belongings on their back, surrounded by equally desperate strangers. These are incredibly vulnerable young people and we need to do more to help them.

Some notable charities that help refugee children include:

Explore jobs with charities that help refugee children.

Why Should You Work for a Charity That Helps Vulnerable Children?

How you can get involved

If you’re interested in making a difference and supporting vulnerable young people, there are countless charities that you could work for. Volunteering is a great way to test the waters and figure out which organisation is right for you; you’ll get that boost from knowing that you’re doing something good all while making a positive impact on someone’s life.

If you’re interested in working for a children’s charity full time, find out what non-profit organisations are hiring today.

Aaron Smith

As the parent of a disabled child and a great supporter of charity work, Aaron has spent time volunteering and fundraising for multiple children’s charities. She writes with the goal of spreading awareness and encouraging more people to act selflessly, supporting struggling young people throughout the world.

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