Why Should You Work for a Children’s Charity?

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As a parent of a child who is more vulnerable than most, you become significantly more aware of just how important child safety is. Not everyone has the same advantages you may have known growing up. But there are dedicated and passionate people who work hard to incite real change in children’s charities.

If you’re looking for a job that allows you to give back and truly make a difference, you could consider working for a children’s charity that helps underprivileged children.


The benefits of working for a children’s charity

Charities that help young people offer so much to society; they help fight against broken systems, giving children a second chance in life that they may not have had otherwise. And doing this type of work doesn’t just make you feel good, it gives you a newfound sense of purpose.

Often, a more meaningful life is a healthier life. Working towards a purpose that means something to you reduces stress and promotes healthy behaviour. But even beyond that, you’re creating happier and healthier environments for children all around the world—and there’s no benefit better than that.

Why Should You Work for a Children’s Charity?

What denotes vulnerability?

Vulnerability is quite a loose term. You can define it differently depending on where you are and what the situation is. But in the plainest sense of the word, it’s the increased likelihood of physical or emotional abuse.

So, if we were to break that down, vulnerability means that you’re at a greater risk of being hurt. Innately, children are already the most vulnerable members of our society, but certain factors put them at even greater risk. Some of the more common types of vulnerability include:


1. Disability

Disability of all forms whether physical, mental or both, can drastically increase how vulnerable a child is. The world is a harsh environment and unfortunately, even today, those with disabilities are regularly disadvantaged.

The work that children’s charities do to support these young people is both invaluable and essential whether that’s volunteering in your local charity shop or becoming a full-time employee.

Some notable charities that work to help disabled children include:

Explore children’s charity jobs that help disabled children.

Why Should You Work for a Children’s Charity?

2. Poverty

Globally, children are twice as likely as adults to be poor, and in the UK, more than one in four children currently lives below the poverty line. Children living in poverty are more likely to have a poor diet, not have enough to eat, and not be able to attend school. They’re also more likely to be living in cramped conditions, and to move around a lot.

This can all lead to increased stress. Sadly, mental health difficulties in children are on the rise, and children living in poverty are less likely to be able to receive support.

Some notable charities that help children living in poverty include:

Explore children’s charity jobs that help children experiencing poverty.


3. Refugees

There are many things that can displace a family and force them to move from their home, though the most common cause is war. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if you’re faced with death and destruction each day, but that’s exactly what refugees go through.

Children are uprooted, often risking their lives with just the belongings on their back, surrounded by equally desperate strangers. These are incredibly vulnerable young people and we need to do more to help them.

Some notable children’s charities that help refugees include:

Explore children’s charity jobs that help refugee children.

Why Should You Work for a Children’s Charity?

How you can get involved

If you’re interested in making a difference and supporting vulnerable young people, there are countless children’s charities that you could work for. Volunteering is a great way to test the waters and figure out which organisation is right for you; you’ll get that boost from knowing that you’re doing something good all while making a positive impact on someone’s life.

If you’re interested in working for a children’s charity full time, find out which organisations are hiring today.


This post was originally published in 2020 and has been updated to ensure relevance and to reflect the current job seeker experience.


Aaron Smith

As the parent of a disabled child and a great supporter of charity work, Aaron has spent time volunteering and fundraising for multiple children’s charities. She writes with the goal of spreading awareness and encouraging more people to act selflessly, supporting struggling young people throughout the world.

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