6 Best Websites for Creating a Stunning CV

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It’s no secret that applying for a job isn’t easy. Trying to craft a CV and cover letter that makes recruiters give you a call can be a bit overwhelming. But it’s your chance to leave a lasting impression and be remembered for the right reasons.

Now, with the internet at your fingertips, there are some online tools that you can use to make this process easier.

Regardless of what your career path is, you want to stand out from other people on paper. Your CV is the perfect opportunity to shine in terms of what you have achieved, so why not jazz it up and make it as eye-catching as possible?

We’ve scoured the internet for the best online CV creators that offer a range of templates from modern to quirky! Test them out to see which one works best for you during your job hunt.


6 Best Websites for Creating a Stunning CV

Visual CV

VisualCV really takes the difficulty out of creating a fresh CV. With it, you can either upload a current version of your CV from PDF/Word or use one of their ready made templates. They have a pretty comprehensive selection based on seniority and industry so you won’t be short on choice. About one third of their templates are accessible to free users, which isn’t too bad either! The free version offers enough variety for you to not feel many limitations. But, if you do want 100% creative freedom, then you can become a Pro member for $12 a month.

PROS: VisualCV offers much more than just an opportunity to create a clean and modern CV. You can publish your CV online, share the link with potential employers and get analytics about how often it’s been viewed or downloaded. You also have the option of creating more than one! So, if you’re applying for a number of roles with slightly different job titles or descriptions, you can create a CV for each one.

VisualCV also encourages you to prove your results in a slightly different fashion. Instead of simply listing what you have a achieved in you past roles, you can add charts to show significant changes. For example, if you have achieved a 15% increase in donations, don’t simply state it: show it.

CONS: When you download the PDF version of your CV, you’ll see a VisualCV watermark (which makes it a little difficult to use for all applications). It may not be a huge issue if you’re applying to a junior or entry level role. But, as an executive or senior manager you may want to use something that looks more professional.


Canva started off as a visual creative tool for everything from social media to ads and website graphics. It has since grown into an incredible platform that has incorporated new features such as infographics and yes, CVs.

You can choose from a number of free templates or design your own from scratch. Canva has created a straight forward way of sharing and downloading anything that you’ve created. Even if you do choose a Premium template, downloading your CV will only cost $1 (about 70p).

PROS: Canva is incredibly diverse and doesn’t restrict free users in the way that other websites do. You have access to all of the fonts, colours and elements. There are just a selection of templates and stock photos that, should you want to use them, cost $1.

CONS: There is no way to automatically pull information from a previous CV on Canva. So, you’ll have to enter all of your information manually. This is primarily because Canva has a number of design functions beyond CV building.  You may also have to change the arrangement of your CV if you want to fit everything onto a single page.


6 Best Websites for Creating a Stunning CV


Flavors is actually a personal website builder that you can turn into a personal CV. It’s an amazing tool that can help you give employers a greater insight into who you are as an individual as well as the work that you’ve done. Sort of like a cross over between a cover letter and CV.

PROS: You have a lot of creative freedom with Flavors! Free users can choose from about 50% of the design templates, backgrounds, colours, fonts and effects. You also have the option of connecting your professional social networks or websites to your page. That way, employers can find you elsewhere online. Say you’re a professional writer, you can connect your blog to your Flavors page so that recruiters can see examples of your work.

The Premium version offers a comprehensive set of stats, a contact form, customisable URL, and makes your website mobile friendly for just $20 per year. Which is much less than some of the monthly premium memberships we’ve seen so far.

If you have a real flair for web design, you can also edit the meta descriptions to make your website more searchable on the web.

CONS: Despite the flexibility of the design, Flavors only huge flaw is that basic analytics aren’t available to free users. So, even if you do create a stunning CV, you aren’t quite able to see if it’s converting recruiters. Your CV is also its own website and can’t be downloaded which may present problems as your current employers will be able to find this page by searching for it.

Limiting the mobile-friendly version of websites to Premium users seems a little unfair but, that depends on the chances of recruiters opening your CV on mobile or the comfort of their desk.


CV Maker

CV Maker is a very simple CV builder that offers both free and premium membership. On the upside, to become a premium member you have to make a one-time payment of $16 (which is about £12).

PROS: It’s great that CV Maker gives free members so much freedom. You have access to most of their templates and can download/share your CV with no strings attached. It’s also possible to create a customized URL and share it with potential employers. You’re completely in control of this feature and can even choose when your URL is live.

CONS: CV Maker isn’t as colourful and creative as some of the other CV builders that we’ve looked at so far. Although it has a very simple interface, if you want a CV that’s full of colour and energy, this tool may not be right for you.


Design Wizard

Design Wizard is an easy-to-use content creation tool with a diverse range of CV templates and a huge library of free assets (from images to icons) that you can use to add a bit of personality to your CV. They also have free options for users to edit images, create videos and access plenty of copyright-free stock images, which could be useful if you’re looking to update a personal website alongside your CV.

PROS: You don’t need a paid membership (although you can upgrade to a ‘pro’ membership for $7.49 a month to upload your own fonts and colour palettes). The designs are simple and professional, yet eye-catching.

CONS: The CVs are only downloadable as JPEG, PNG and PDF and you have to pay a bit to remove the watermark (although it’s extremely cheap).

6 Best Websites for Creating a Stunning CV

Kick resume

KickResume offers an amazing range of creative CV templates. Unfortunately, the majority of these can only be used by Premium users. You also have to be a Premium member if you want to import a CV that you’ve already created. This means that you will have to manually enter a fair amount of information.

The templates are divided by profession so you can find something suitable pretty quickly. Once you’ve finished, it’s easy to download your CV as a PDF.

PROS: KickResume is incredibly easy to use and the website navigation is simple. Adding and editing information is a straight forward process that takes the head ache out of creating a CV from scratch. You can also benefit from their grammar check service (for $19) and you’ll receive the feedback within 24 hours. A great feature for those who are worried about any little mistakes may have been missed!

All members can create a personalized URL for their online CV and share this with potential employers. But, KiskResume hasn’t created an analytics tool yet so you won’t be able to see who has viewed or downloaded you CV.

KickResume offers another service that many others don’t! They also have cover letter templates which may help you keep a consistent style. There is only one template that can free users can take advantage of, but that’s still a start.

CONS: KickResume has a lot of neat features but most of them are reserved for Premium members. There’s also the issue of filling out all of your information from scratch which can be a bit of an arduous task.

There’s also no way to filter the free templates from the Premium ones so, if you do decide to filter by profession, you may not have a free option to choose from.


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So, which of these websites is the most ideal for designing a CV?

That all depends on your personal needs. There is no one size fits all approach to creating a CV – you’ll need to use a tool that can produce what you’re looking for. These are definitely great places to start!

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