4 Ways Non-Profit Work Experience Will Impress Hiring Managers and Enhance Your CV

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Are you looking to take your first step onto the career ladder? If the answer is yes, you’ll need to enhance your CV to impress hiring managers – gaining relevant work experience is a great way to achieve this.

In fact, according to research conducted by CV-Library, the majority (75.8%) of UK professionals believe that having no experience on your CV can damage your chances of getting a job when you’re first starting out. So it’s important to be proactive.

One sector you could explore is charity/non-profit. Gaining work experience in this area gives you the opportunity to work with companies that are closely aligned with your values and passions, which can be extremely rewarding.

Below, we discuss in more detail the four ways that non-profit work experience will impress hiring managers and enhance your CV.

4 Ways Non-Profit Work Experience Will Impress Hiring Managers and Enhance Your CV

1. Develop your skills

Whichever area of the charity sector you decide to work in, there will be a wealth of opportunities to learn new skills. For example, if you’re looking to work in a marketing job, you could gain hard skills by writing for a charity’s blog and navigating their WordPress system.

On top of this, you’ll learn valuable transferable skills that you can reference in your job applications. These could be communication, teamwork, time management and leadership skills.

All of these can be included on your CV, which will look impressive in the eyes of potential employers. Furthermore, you’ll have clear evidence and examples to draw upon from your experience in the non-profit sector, demonstrating how you’ve used these skills in previous roles.

2. Gain valuable experience

The hands-on practice you’ll gain from your work experience can help you fill gaps in your knowledge of the industry, providing you with the opportunity to learn about new areas of a business that you may not have previously encountered. This is particularly true if you have no other real work experience under your belt yet.

Employers will value this on your CV and it can give you an edge over the competition who may not have this experience. Plus, it can give you some interesting anecdotes and concrete examples to use when you’re interviewing for your next position.

You’ll even be able to try out different types of work. Some charity placements will give you the opportunity to work in a variety of departments during your time with them.

When reviewing your CV, employers will see this as an advantage as you’ll have a wider understanding of how an organisation runs.

4 Ways Non-Profit Work Experience Will Impress Hiring Managers and Enhance Your CV

3. Expand your network

During your charity work placement, you’ll have the chance to network and meet new people. This can help you find out about new openings or current opportunities.

If the people you connect with enjoy working with you, they’ll be keen to refer you to others. Plus, you might even be able to turn your internship into a job offer. This can help you get your CV in front of the right people and make the right connections to boost your career.

Don’t forget that work experience mentors can also be a good reference. So make a positive contribution during your time with the charity and you will have the perfect person to call in the future.

4. Better understanding of your interests

This could be your chance to find out what you like to do and discover the things you’re good at. This can be another talking point for you on your CV and you’ll be able to show you’re passionate about certain areas or skills.

Even if you find that you don’t enjoy certain tasks or activities, this can help guide you when applying for future positions. For example, if you did some office work during your placement and realised it wasn’t for you, it can help you understand the type of work you might like to do in the future.


Ready to find non-profit work experience?

Work experience in the charity sector can be extremely valuable and a great opportunity to boost your CV.

This experience is great for highlighting your skills and abilities in job applications, while also giving you an idea of where your strengths lie. Find out what volunteer or internship opportunities are available in the non-profit sector, today.

Alice Greedus

Alice is a PR and Communications Assistant at CV-Library. As a recent literature graduate she loves anything that involves reading or writing, which is good news because her job involves a lot of this.

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