How a positive work environment can help your career

There is so much more to your career than a company name, job title, and salary. As recent studies suggest, there is a lot to be said about the work environment. This, more than anything, can impact your behaviour and general attitude to work itself.

From your everyday working conditions to the atmosphere created within your team and personal relationships with your colleagues, these factors are having an impact on you, right now. The real question is, are they helping or hurting your future?

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you can gain from a positive workplace. Take some time to judge whether your environment is setting you up in the right direction…

Increased productivity

A recent study at the University of Warwick found that happiness at work led to a 12% increase in productivity. Unhappy team members were considered 10% less productive. Organisations that invest in their employees, ensuring that they feel comfortable with confiding in others and receive high levels of emotional support, generate happier hard working people.

When people are both happy and more productive they can actively work on growth and progression within an organisaion. Remember that by investing in your happiness, the organisation is also investing in your future.

Flexible thinking

The brain works much better when we’re feeling positive. And, it is during these moments that we become much better at problem solving. A flexible approach can, in fact, make it much easier to tackle difficult situations (reducing what was once a mountain into a molehill).

This also increases the likelihood of colleagues collaborating as working with other people who are striving towards similar goals is often encouraged. For you, this means more time efficiency, developing better relationships with colleagues and turning your thoughts into actions.

Focus on self-awareness

When employers are making a conscious effort to ensure that employees are happy at work, it’s pretty natural to reciprocate by becoming more self-aware and consider how our actions affect others. Self-awareness and self-management often help us to understand how people are feeling so that we can respond appropriately, going above and beyond the job description to be an asset to the team.

Not only will this enhance your relationship with other team members, it also adds to the current positivity that is already a natural part of the work environment. You’re adding to the harmony and that is more than anyone can ask for!

Confidence booster

Happiness at work produces a domino effect.  With more self-awareness, productivity and flexible thinking enhancing our ability to face targets (maybe even surpassing them), it is natural to gradually feel more confident and comfortable at work

More importantly, confidence stirs the ability to act. It means that, instead of just idly waiting for decisions to be made for you, you will take a more proactive approach and happily be involved in the problem-solving process. Confidence allows you to lead and take complete ownership of your work. And for those who are trying to progress, you can prove that you have the skills to take on a more demanding role.

Happiness and positivity in the workplace is so beneficial and can do wonders for your career. If you want to grow, you have to be in the right environment. Make sure that you take this into consideration when you’re curious about new opportunities, searching for a job or, have just landed a new role.

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Jade Phillips

Marketing Manager at CharityJob. A true bookworm and social media geek, you'll find me living in pockets of online communities. Unattended snacks might go missing if left around me...

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