How to Tailor Your CV to Any Position

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When looking for a new job, you want to be ahead of the crowd as much as possible. One sure-fire way to do this is by creating a unique and in-depth CV tailored to the job you’re after.

Not sure where to start? Here are five ways you can tailor your CV for a specific job in the charity sector.


1. Get to know the organisation that’s hiring

First thing’s first―take a bit of time to familiarise yourself with the core values and mission statement of the organisation you’re applying to. Understanding these will allow you to work out whether the charity is really aligned with your own values.

Once you know this, you can tailor your CV to the charity by including evidence of how you’ve demonstrated a commitment to those values or that cause in the past.

How to Tailor Your CV to Any Position

2. Tailor your CV to the job spec

Once you know a bit more about the company, review the job spec and highlight all the skills they’re looking for. They will have listed in the essential requirements and desired qualities sections. Make sure to include as many of the same skills and keywords in your CV as you can to trigger interest from the hiring manager.


3. Create multiple CVs

Many people make the mistake of creating generic CVs that cover a wide variety of potential positions. Recruiters can spot this instantly, so it’s recommended that you tailor your CV to suit the specific position you’re applying for.

Creating unique applications for each job and making sure to use the right keywords in your CV is a sure fire way to get your application past the ATS bots.


4. Not enough experience? Showcase potential instead

If you’ve held the same position for many years, it may take a bit of creativity to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

In the charity sector, hiring managers often look for candidates that have the potential to grow and provide value to the organisation over time. If you don’t have the exact experience they’re looking for, showcase the different ways you’ve developed skills quickly in the past.

It’s also good to include any and all volunteer work that’s related to the role. Although it’s not paid experience, it shows that you have a unique insight into the sector and have taken the initiative to work for a cause that means something to you.

Find a career with meaning

5. Hiring a professional to create a CV

Let’s be honest, not everyone is a natural at creating a CV. If you’re a bit unsure about where to start, it might be wise to use a professional CV writer or a CV reviewing platform to guide you. Tapping into the skills and experience of someone who has worked in the sector for a while will enhance your chances of an organisation looking at your CV.

CV writing professionals know exactly how to help people format, design, create and present the best career information for their clients on their CVs. This can be incredibly important for making a solid first impression on a hiring manager. Usually, once they complete a baseline CV, you can tailor your CV by changing the template without too much effort.

How to Tailor Your CV to Any Position

Since organisations going through the hiring process will often receive hundreds of CVs for a single position, it’s very important to have a stellar, tailored CV created and ready to share.

Your CV is the first glimpse of you an organisation sees. It should present the very best information in the most positive light.

Still need a bit of guidance? Download our free non-profit CV template today.

Or start having a look at what’s out there now―you might find the perfect job for you.


This post was originally published in 2018. We’ve updated it to ensure relevance and to reflect the current job seeker experience.


Kevin Gardner

Kevin Gardner graduated with a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from UCLA. He works as a business consultant for InnovateBTS, where he helps companies and non-profits integrate technology to improve performance. When he isn't at work or with his family, he spends time mentoring other business students, helping them to network and build strong resumes and CVs.

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