6 Reasons Why Volunteering Abroad Is Better than Travelling

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We all want to see new places, be part of different cultures, and expand our points of view. When we’re completely aware of the moments we experience, travelling can make us better people.

However, travelling can also make you numb. You have tons of free time on your hands, so you end up exploring the area as much as possible and sometimes you can run out of things to do (or get a little bit bored). And yes, there’s only so much sunbathing and swimming you can do in a day. That’s not how you imagined your active holiday to be, right?

Do you know what can make it better? Volunteering! Now we’re not saying that every holiday should be turned into a volunteering expedition, but there are ways that volunteering abroad can add some extra substance to a trip. So, here are 6 reasons why volunteering is better than travelling.

It’s travelling, but so much more at the same time

Eager to see new parts of the world? You’ll definitely be able to do that, get familiar with the local areas and contribute to a cause. You’ll be occupied with volunteering activities most of the time, but you’ll still have free days and have a new environment to explore. When you put your cause in combination with the traveling, it gives you an experience you can be proud of.

It’s easy to make friends

In fact, you won’t have to introduce yourself to strangers and ask the locals to show you around. When you volunteer, you’re part of an organisation and constantly have a group of people around you who are going through the same experience. You’ll immediately become part of a group of people with similar interests and lifestyle. Together, you’ll create some incredible memories and discover the best places in the area.

You learn a new language

Volunteering opportunities place you in direct contact with the local people. So where ever it is that you’re travelling to, make sure that you immerse yourself in this new culture and spend some time learning a brand new language. This is a skill that you can take home with you and apply within other roles that you take on in the future.

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You won’t go over budget

Let’s face it: we all want to pay for a luxurious safari tour, or adventure holiday but that experience can be incredibly expensive. Volunteering trips are usually very budget-friendly. Most organisations will provide humble accommodation and food. Even if you pay the program fee for accommodation, meals and travel insurance, it will be much more affordable than the fee for a traditional break.

You get to enjoy all seasons

Summer is hot, winter is cold, autumn and spring are unpredictable… all seasons are beautiful in their own way. When you volunteer, you may have an opportunity to go through cold, hot and humid. You will experience the reality of the life of locals throughout the entire year.

You’re doing something good

We saved the best part for last. Your efforts to help people, animals or the environment will never be forgotten. You are fighting for a cause and making this world a better place. That’s something worth living for and definitely worth travelling across the world for too.

You have your own passions and causes, right? Why not translate them into an activity that teaches lessons for a lifetime? All you need to do is focus on whatever cause you stand for and seek for volunteering opportunities away from home.

Sasha Woss

Sasha Woss is a productivity coach with a passion for theatre and British culture. After she graduated from The University of Texas she was doing volunteer work at Nigeria. Follow Sasha on Twitter and Facebook.

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