Volunteering Experiences: hospice children in Romania

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Here at CharityJob, we love to hear about volunteering, how it changes the world and those around us. Hospices of Hope have been kind enough to explain what their volunteering efforts entail. Below you can find out what they’ve been doing, and read some experiences from the volunteers themselves. Who knows, you may just be inspired to start your own volunteering adventure.

Who have you been helping?

The children who come on our trips are often completely neglected in the Romanian health care and social services systems.  Our Summer Trips are an opportunity for them to relax, have fun, share stories and find comfort in one another.

Each year, Hospices of Hope hosts five summer trips for our hospice child beneficiaries. Our Summer Trips provide a much-needed break for the children.  Some of these children are our patients and are suffering from life-limiting or terminal illness. Others have experienced trauma through the death of a close relative and others are close relatives of an adult patient in our care.   On some trips, the children’s families come too

This year, we received feedback from some of the volunteers who helped. Each one of them dedicated a week to providing fun and laughter to children who are suffering from terminal or life-limiting conditions, and their families.

All of the responses we received were wonderful to read. Here are just five of them.


“It’s a privilege to spend a week looking after wonderful kids – all of whom are special individuals. I would encourage everyone who feels they may not have something to offer, that as long as you are willing to give yourself you can make a big difference. And for a 50-year-old, playing water-fights and acting in plays is a treat that has to be grabbed. We can all make a difference”

Andrew – Bucharest Holiday Club


“Another amazing week with Hospice, meeting old friends again and seeing lots of new happy smiling faces. I hope the families have enjoyed this trip as much as I have lots of very happy memories – and funny ones such as playing Chubby Bunnies!! I am always inspired by the work of the Hospice and the dedication of the families we are privileged enough to spend time with. Thank you again for another amazing year.”

Debbie – The Seaside Club

Volunteering Experiences: hospice children in Romania


“I came here last year, and it was one of the best weeks of my life, and I was just hoping it could just be a fraction of how amazing it was, but I’ve again been overwhelmed by how great it’s been. I’ve made so many new friends and met so much more great people, as well as being reunited with the kids from last year. Coming back to Romania has opened my eyes again and confirmed to me that I want to devote my life to causes like this.

Thank you Hospices of Hope for all the smiles you bring and lessons that you have taught me.”

Pippa – Brasov Holiday Club

Volunteering Experiences: hospice children in Romania


“This has, without question, been one of the most rewarding weeks of my life; fun action-packed and hugely entertaining. From running UK entertainment to laser tag to just chilling in the pool, I have honestly enjoyed every single minute.

Watching the children leave at the end is obviously emotional, but the overwhelming emotion is happiness that, as a volunteer, I have contributed to one of the best weeks in their lives, and that is a feeling that will stay with me forever. Sign me up for next year!”
Mark – Brasov Summer Camp

Volunteering Experiences: hospice children in Romania


“When we started fundraising for Romania, I had no idea what to expect from camp, but it has honestly been an experience far more eye-opening, heart-warming and inspiring than I could ever have imagined. It was an absolute privilege to be able to spend the week with these children, every day everyone got closer, and it amazed me how in such a short amount of time these children let down barriers and embraced us into their lives.

It really encourages me to be a better person by just seeing how happy and enthusiastic these children were despite being in situations that I couldn’t have even imagined in their home lives. Every day was jam-packed with experiences and the week has flown past. I have so much respect for the hospice workers, social workers and people that do homes visits. I can’t even imagine how much strength it must take to witness and deal with some of the things they have to do on a daily basis. Thank you so much for making this week positive.”

Bonnie – Bucharest Summer Camp

Volunteering Experiences: hospice children in Romania

If you are interested in finding out more about Hospices of hope and their work, you can find out more here.

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