What’s your CV worth in the Charity Sector?

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The charity sector certainly has a lot to offer—passion, fulfilment, and the chance to make a difference. That’s why so many people are looking to make the move here from the private sector. So find out how much you should expect to earn based on prior experience.

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what's my CV worth?

We took a closer look at the recent hiring and salary trends in the sector. There have certainly been a number of changes that have been brought about by the pandemic.

An upward trend in hiring and salaries 

The good news is that the charity sector is one of the sectors most likely to ramp up recruitment in early 2021.   

The latest data from the British Chambers of Commerce showed that 67% of organisations in the public and voluntary sector have attempted to recruit and more are expected to recruit in the present quarter. 

Even better, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development reported that pay in the charity sector is expected to grow by 1.4% over the next 12 months 

A rise in part-time roles 

From our own job postings we can see an upward trend in part-time job postingsThis is likely caused by a growing demand for more flexible roles. Some charities are potentially also cautious about hiring full time positions, particularly if they find themselves in a challenging financial situation post-pandemic 

So if you’re looking for better work-life balance, take a look at the part-time roles available. 

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An increased need for digital skills 

The pandemic has sped up the process of digitisation so a lot of charities are on the lookout for candidates with digital skills. According to a Charity Digital Skills report , 61% of respondents have said that they will be offering more online services and 47% are looking to hire more candidates with digital skills 

We’ve noted a rise in digital jobs in our own job postings. Around the time of the first lockdown, we saw a big spike with digital roles reaching 7.1% of all jobs, having previously averaging 5.5%So if you have digital skills, now is a good time to search for your next role   

How much can you expect to earn in the charity sector?

Two years ago, we set out to find out. Working with charity recruitment specialists Harris Hill, we sampled over 45,000 vacancies in the non-profit sector, drawing on our teams’ insights and years of industry expertise to create a definitive benchmark for pay in the sector. Things have changed slightly in that time and we will revisit this work, but it can give you a good idea of average salaries in the sector. 

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