5 CV tips for getting into the charity sector

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Your CV.

It is that piece of paper that reflects all that you’ve done in your student/professional life which cumulatively builds your chances of getting hired. Within that one page, you have to show all of the skills you’ve acquired, projects undertaken and state your work history. With most recruiters taking less than 20 seconds to judge a CV, you have a short span of time to create a lasting impression.

Think of it this way. A CV is a great tool to advertise yourself and to convince the recruiters why you’re the best fit for that particular role.

Different fields of work have different expectations from candidates who apply for jobs. If you are applying for a software development job, then you must have the relevant coding and programming skills. If you are applying for a job in sales, then you must have relevant marketing skills. But what exactly must you put in your CV if you are looking to join the charity sector?  Fret not. You have come to the right place. Here are some top skills that are expected of candidates eager to enter the charity sector.

  1. Importance of soft skills

Although soft skills are needed in every field of work, the importance of soft skills in the charity sector can’t be emphasised enough. Soft skills showcase your communication skills, your ability to work under pressure, leadership skills, time management and many more.

For example, if you have volunteered at the local not-for-profit over the weekends for a few months, then it shows that you have gone out of your way to manage your studies/work on the weekdays and took time off for volunteering activities over the weekend. This shows your ability to take the initiative, to manage two things at a time and your efficiency in handling both of them.  All these soft skills eventually will come handy when you are working in the charity sector.

5 CV tips for getting into the charity sector
  1. Volunteering/Fundraiser Experience

Listing your volunteering endeavours is essential when applying for a job in the charity sector. Working in not-for-profits and in other charity organisations, showcases that you are actively trying to make a difference.

Believing in the fact that one person can make a difference to society is an important attitude to have while entering the charity sector. The fact that you have attempted to do some real volunteering activities reinforces the same belief.

  1. Show Creativity

Often, charities expect you to come up with innovative, never-thought-of ideas to raise funds. Or even conduct different activities so that people feel inspired to contribute to the good cause. It is extremely crucial for your CV to showcase some activities which accentuate your creative side. If you won any creative contests at school or have taken part in innovation challenges where you came up with a new solution, then don’t shy away from mentioning it in your CV.

Pro Tip: Be sure to mention as to what exactly you did in that competition/challenge. Mentioning what your creative idea/solution was, will clearly reflect your abilities to think outside the box.

5 CV tips for getting into the charity sector
  1. Exhibit Organisational Skills

Creativity leads to innovating activities which create awareness about a noble cause. But it is administrative and organisational skills that actually help in implementing the ideas that have developed. Disorganised events are time consuming, lead to a lot of chaos and are taxing. Showcasing that you have had some experience in organising events contributes to your overall employability.

For example, if you have been part of the organisation committee of a University Society, or have managed events in your office, then putting them into your CV is the ideal thing to do. Ensure that you mention the scale of the event that you organised and how exactly you contributed to the team.

  1. Flaunt Your Multilingual Skills

If you have put in efforts to learn a new language, then definitely mention this in your CV. Some charity jobs have international postings and if you happen to know the language of the other country, then you will automatically be preferred for the post. You are fluent in the foreign language, then that’s the icing on the cake as you will be able to convince the locals of the other countries to participate in the fundraising activities.

Stating the above mentioned skills in your CV, will definitely increase your chances of getting into the charity sector.

Along with this, it is also important for you to have an elegant CV which uses the right words and fonts. According to statistics, almost 60% of recruiters reject a candidate solely because of the bad format of their resume or bad grammar and spelling errors. Hence, along with stating the right skills, it is important to format your resume the right way.

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Abhyank Srinet

Abhyank is a passionate Digital Marketer, Business Developer and Entrepreneur.

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