Beat the post-holiday blues

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So you’re back to work, your tan is fading by the hour and you’re back to the reality of the 9-5. Don’t despair! Here are 5 ways to keep positive and beat the post-holiday blues.



Try and unpack as soon as possible – there’s nothing worse than tripping over your suitcase for the next fortnight! Make yourself a nice, tidy home to arrive home to after your first days back at work, and it will help keep you in a clear frame of mind.


Take it easy

Don’t sign yourself up for any hefty projects at work straight after your break. Instead, try to ease your way back into work so it’s less of a contrast.


Be kind to yourself!

Treat yourself to a couple of mood-boosters for your first days back at work. Buy yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers for your desk or home, plan dinners or evenings out dancing out with your friends and enjoy a little ‘me’ time now you’re back.

Be artistic to help keep the memories alive!

Think of a colour that you loved on holiday- the blue sea in Greece or the lavender in Provence. Paint a wall or buy yourself something in that colour for your desk to make that holiday feeling last a little longer.


Don’t forget your Vitamin D!

Going from being out all day in the natural daylight straight to the LED lights in the office is a big change! So don’t forget your vitamin D. Not only does it keep you energised but it’ll boost your mood-levels. Spend as much time outdoors as you can, even a quick half an hour walk in your lunchbreak will help maintain that sunny mood.

 Spice up your 9-5

There’s no reason for you to ditch the fun just because you’re back at work. Spice up your workday and do something different in your daily routine. Whether that’s taking a different route to work or doing something spontaneous in your lunch break. Make a bucket list of all the things you want to do in your city and tick them off. Enjoy the here and now!

Do you have any tips to help you beat the post-holiday blues?


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