Buzz Words To be Careful With in Your CV

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When creating a CV or cover letter, you’ll often hear people telling you to use lots of so-called “buzz” words. But be warned, employers are wise to meaningless buzz words and phrases, and see them time and time again.

What’s more, a recent Bulgarian study has shown that buzz words can be misinterpreted. Employers will often spend less than a few minutes looking over a CV, so a dangerous buzz word or phrase could be all it takes to put them off and make them move to the next applicant.

Check out our list of some regularly misinterpreted buzz words:

And here are some other office buzz words that can be translated differently:

Thinks deeply – Indecisive
Loyal – Will never find another job
Very relaxed – Naps at work

So what should you use?
It’s important that you try and fill your CV with strong action words instead. Words such as ‘achieved‘, ‘improved‘, ‘launched‘ and ‘volunteered‘ will give the employer a much better impression of you, and help you stand out from the crowd. Similarly, it’s a good idea to highlight actual results. This should be in place of cliches such as ‘results-driven’ or ‘successful’. Occasionally, you may find that you need to use a buzz word or two. If you do, make sure you always back it up with real examples.

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