How to become a
Business Development Manager

Estimated salary £35,000
Top location London & South East

Evolution of a Business Development Manager

Business Development


Internship/1 year

Business Development


2-4 years

Head of Business


5+ years

What's it really like?

Is it right for me?

  • You’re a numbers person and you don’t have a problem with Excel being your secret weapon.

  • Have amazing quantitative and analytical skills that enable you to quickly pick up on trends.

  • You have strong negotiation skills and understand the power of persuasion.

Necessary qualifications

  • Employers often look for candidates who have GCSE’s (A*-C) in Mathematics, English and IT

  • A degree in any field that is related to business development such as Marketing, Business Management etc.

Useful additional experience

  • You could potentially work your way into Business Development by starting in a sales of marketing role.

  • Volunteer work for a charity or not-for-profit in their fundraising, marketing or business departments.

  • Courses and higher learning courses that are relevant to Business Development.

Day to Day

  • Building sound relationships internally and externally with partners.

  • Creating reports and presenting findings to senior management to help steer the direction of the next campaigns.

  • Seeking opportunities to collaborate with other organisations.

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