How to become a
Campaigns Manager

Estimated salary £29,000
Top location Greater London

Evolution of a Campaigns Manager



1 year +



2 - 3 years

Senior Marketing


3 + years



8 + years

Is it right for me?

  • If you enjoy running projects from beginning to end and want to oversee campaigns in a variety of formats.

  • You’re good at liaising with external agencies to execute campaigns and feel comfortable with measuring/reporting their effectiveness.

  • Want to guide a team and delegate tasks rather than micro managing.

  • Are a ‘people person’and enjoy building relationships with a number of external stakeholders.

  • Want to do everything in your power to make your organinsations’ mission & vision clear to the world.


  • Bachelor degree in a relevant field (e.g. marketing, business management)

  • Professional marketing qualification’s aren’t necessary but can make you stand out from the crowd (e.g. Diploma in Professional Marketing).

Additional Experience

  • Commonly looking for people who have 2 – 4 years of experience in marketing or sales.

  • Have been a part of the decision making process in past projects. Responsible for budgets and performance outcomes.

  • Writing and communicating effectively with a target audience to convey an organisations’ purpose.

  • Negotiating and reconciling differences between groups of people.

  • Volunteering at events or assisting organisations’ in successfully running campaigns

Day to day

  • Organising, planning and attending a number of events.

  • Implement and track the results of campaigns by re-visiting the KPIs regularly.

  • Brief colleagues and external agencies (e.g. designers, developers etc.) who will be responsible for producing content for the campaigns

  • Aim to deliver campaigns within an allocated budget

  • Write, edit and proof read all copy for all materials in a campaign

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