How to become a Digital Content Manager


Considering a career as a Digital Content Manager?

As a Digital Content Manager, you'll be responsible for creating, improving and maintaining a range of content to help an organisation achieve its goals. It will be your duty to create high quality, sharable content to raise brand awareness, monitor web traffic and other metrics to identify best practices. Ultimately, you should be able to oversee all marketing content initiatives to ensure customer engagement, brand consistency and a positive customer experience are the number one priority.

Where can a career as a Digital Content Manager take you?

Digital Content Officer £27000 2 - 3 years
Digital Content Manager £33,000 4 years
Head of Content £40000 7 years

Are you the perfect candidate?

Skills and traits

  • You live and breathe digital – it’s a huge part of the way that you live and work
  • You’re a natural born writer who loves sharing their knowledge with an audience
  • It's important to have a great eye for copy and understand what it takes to grab a readers attention
  • Collaboration - you love working with other teams (from designers to developers) in order to create valuable content

Qualifications and experience

  • Bachelors degree in a relevant field such as English, Communications or Marketing
  • More than qualifications, Digital Content Managers will be expected to have experience as a Content Creator before moving into a more senior position
  • Creating content for specific ‘personas’ and proof of attracting potential supporters through engaging content
  • Have a strong understanding of SEO (search engine optimilization) and understand how this will affect the content that you create

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