How to become a
Digital Content Manager

Estimated salary £33,000
Top location Greater London

Evolution of a Digital Content Manager



1 year

Content Editor &


2-3 years

Digital Content


3+ years

Digital Content


6+ years

What's it really like?

Is it right for me?

  • You live and breathe digital – it’s a huge part of the way that you live and work.

  • It’s in your nature to keep up to date with the latest digital trends.

  • You’re a natural born writer who loves sharing their knowledge with an audience.

  • You have a great eye for copy and understand what it takes to grab a readers attention.

  • You want to use your passion for creating quality content to spread the message of a charity that you’re truly passionate about.

Necessary qualifications

  • Most Digital Content Managers’ have a bachelors degree in a relevant field such as English, Communications or Marketing.

  • More than qualifications, Digital Content Managers will be expected to have experience as a Content Creator before moving into a more senior position.

Useful additional experience

  • Have a strong understanding of SEO (search engine optimilization) and understand how this will affect the content that you create.

  • Experience of using a content management system.

  • Creating content for specific ‘personas’ and proof of attracting potential supporters through engaging content.

  • Basic knowledge of HTML and web publishing systems.

Day to Day

  • Developing a content strategy that’s aligned with the short and long term Marketing goals.

  • Collaborating with design teams to plan and develop different types of content (from blog posts to videos and podcasts).

  • Writing and editing copy for all digital channels including: social media, newsletters, website copy and more.

  • Liaise with content writers and guest posters to ensure that all content is consistent.

  • Using the data and analytics to make well informed decisions about the content you produce.

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