How to become a
Housing Manager

Estimated salary £32,000
Top location London

Evolution of a Housing Manager

Housing & Support


1 year+



2-3 years



4+ years



5-6 years

What's it really like?

Is it right for me?

  • You’re passionate about helping people of all ages and backgrounds find a home.

  • Natural born organiser who can cope under the pressure of deadlines.

  • You have great people skills and understand how to communicate well with others.

Necessary qualifications

  • Having a qualification in Housing, Social Care or another related field i s essential (e.g. Level 3 (NVQ) certificate or diploma in Housing.

  • It’s also important that you have been able to apply what you have learned in a previous role.

Useful additional experience

  • An understanding of the issues that can lead people to social housing.

  • You’re able to demonstrate an understanding of the homelessness s sector, the resources available and potential difficulties.

  • You have experience of handling difficult and complex situations effectively – including crisis and conflict management.

  • Managing and motivating a small team of staff and/or volunteers.

Day to Day

  • Ensuring that tenants are regularly consulted and involved in the service developments.

  • Assessing and prioritizing the needs of people applying for housing.

  • Carrying out regular inspections to make sure all properties are in good condition.

  • Directing tenants to the appropriate sources for support services.

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