3 CV Trends to Keep Up With in 2019

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It’s over two months into 2019 and you still haven’t succeeded at your New Year’s resolution of landing a new, fresh and exciting job in the charity sector. You’re tailoring your CV to every single job you apply to, adding in some impressive achievements and spell-checking the document over and over again. So, what’s the problem?

Whilst recruiters are sifting through 250 applications for one role, most of those candidates would have submitted the same well-written, comprehensive CV with lots of relevant experience. But the ones who landed an interview? Well, they did that little something extra.

So, how can you be one of those amazing candidates that recruiters can spot from a mile away? Make your CV stand out from the crowd by implementing some of these key CV trends for 2019:

3 CV Trends to Keep Up With in 2019

1. Create a video CV

While it’s still important to submit a traditional CV which details your relevant experiences and education, incorporating video alongside a paper/PDF document is a great way to make a lasting impression. This is especially beneficial for those seeking marketing, creative, digital or public-facing roles in the charity sector. It’s much easier to get your passion across, show off some charisma and inject some creativity by creating a video.

Film a short video introducing yourself, showcasing your passion for the specific charity and detailing why you’re the best fit for their team. It doesn’t have to be long – one or two minutes is more than enough. Just aim to create a short, snappy video which shows off your personality and excitement for the role.

You can submit your video by adding a QR code or a YouTube or Vimeo link to your CV or cover letter. But remember, you’ll need to film a new video for each role you apply to. It’ll be obvious to recruiters if you’ve made a generic video to send off to several charities.



2. Incorporate personal projects

Do you have your own successful blog, website or YouTube channel? You should definitely consider including it in your CV.

Building up a dedicated online community and creating meaningful, engaging content shows that you’re a passionate person – and if there’s one thing that all charities want from their staff, it’s passion.

If you can, try to pick out transferable creative or technical skills from your personal projects which are relevant to the role you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a technical role, show them the personal website you coded. Maybe you set up a blog, website or social media channel specifically to raise money or awareness for a specific charity, issue or cause. In that case, it’s definitely worth mentioning. You’ll be showing attributes which are invaluable in the charity sector, such as empathy and motivation.

3 CV Trends to Keep Up With in 2019

3. Talk about your ‘side hustle’

It’s 2019, and nowadays, having a side hustle, such as selling clothes on eBay or writing for a travel magazine in your spare time is the norm. For some reason, many people assume that they should leave hobbies and non-work related activities well away from their CV. But did you know that including your side hustle could actually benefit your job search?

Having a side hustle shows initiative, innovation, commitment, passion and skill. And guess what? Charity hiring managers are constantly searching for candidates with these attributes.

Include your side hustles under the ‘experience’ or ‘work history’ section of your CV. But remember, it’s important to focus on skills and experiences which are relevant to the charity role you’re applying to, as well as adding in some quantifiable achievements.

For example, you may have done some freelance writing here and there, and are now applying for a communications role. How many views did the blog you wrote for your best client get? Did the website copy you crafted increase their conversion rate? Showing facts and figures like these would prove the impact you could make in a communications role.



So, what are you waiting for? Get your CV noticed and land your dream charity job by implementing one of these key CV trends for 2019.


Andrew Fennell

Andrew Fennell is an experienced recruiter and founder of CV and careers advice websites StandOut CV and Job description library, as well as being a regular contributor to sites such as CV Library, The Guardian and Business Insider.

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