Lizzie’s Journey: Ch 4 – Finding your dream job

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Okay, so you’re probably wondering about the job I finally got! It’s for an organisation called the Aviation Environment Federation which campaigns for aviation’s impacts on people and the environment to be brought within sustainable limits.

I work in their communications team, which means I’m responsible for their social media, maintaining the website, writing content and press releases… it’s super-varied and there’s lots of opportunity to bring my own ideas to the role.

As the role I applied for was in communications, I had to share examples of my written work along with my application. After this, I was invited to an interview (I only had one) which lasted for about an hour and a half.

How it felt when you got the job?

Amazing. Typically, the morning I was due to hear back, I received a load of calls from graduate recruitment companies who’d got hold of my details. I imagine they sensed the disappointment in my voice when I picked up. I can’t say I thought I’d got the job – all I knew was that I really, really liked the organisation.

So, when I got the call to tell me I’d got it, I couldn’t quite believe it. In fact, I don’t think I believed it until I signed the contract. Now, a few months later, it’s started to sink in (just about).

Was this job exactly what you were looking for?

100%. And more.

I’d decided I wanted a job in communications, working for an environmental charity and I’d got it. Not only that but the office is in one of my favourite parts of London, along with loads of other environmental organisations. The people are really lovely and the whole thing just fitted with what I was looking for.

But for some people, this is an important time to stop and think… is this the right role? And is it the right company? Do I like the people?

Just because you’ve been offered a job doesn’t mean that you have to take it if it’s not the right fit. Many companies are happy to give you at least a day to get back to them. They understand that you may have had interviews for other organisations. So, if for whatever reason you’re not sure, go away and think about it.

Reflection of the entire experience of job hunting – was it worth it?

Absolutely. And I think this goes back to chapter 2 –  you probably won’t feel that the process has been a period of growth until you are looking back on it. You’ve got the job and you wouldn’t have got there without the journey of job hunting and all of its ups and downs.

Were you concerned about starting? How are you progressing with your job now that you have started?

I’m still very new to my role – I’ve been here for about 6 weeks now. So, I still feel concerned about starting!! I have experienced a lot of the usual apprehensions that most people will when they start a new role like ‘what if I can’t do it?’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘what if they regret employing me?’ And I have to say, this is still very much a work in progress for me. I am sure that as I move forward in my role, my confidence will continue to grow.

Though at this stage, I am not in a position to tell you that all of the apprehensions of a new job will magically disappear, what I will say is that now is a good time to stop and give yourself credit for all of your hard work. It is easy to always be looking ahead to your first day, the preoccupations of starting, how you will progress in the role… but just stop and enjoy the success of all of your hard work. It’s paid off.

Lizzie Harrocks

Lizzie works in communications for an environmental organisation. Fan of documentaries and lapsang souchong tea, she blogs about the trials and tribulations of the job-hunting process.

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