How to Effectively Prepare for your New Job in Charity

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So you’ve landed a new job! Congratulations. Hopefully you’ll be looking forward to a fresh start and raring to go. Are you also feeling a little nervous? The unknown is always scary, but the best thing to do is to prepare well for your first day. Here are our top tips for quelling your anxieties and making the most of this great new step in your career.  

Remind yourself of your job description 

Take some time out before your first day to read through your job description. If your new line manager hasn’t sent this through to you yet, re-familiarise yourself with the original ad. That way, you’ll be able to start with a strong sense of purpose. You might even jot down a rough plan of what you’d like to achieve in the first few weeks but keep it simple. Think about what you’ve found out about the charity during your interview and research any specific projects which were mentioned. If you have time, you could note down any questions or observations about them so that you can come armed with these for your very first team meeting.  

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Familiarise yourself with the charity’s website 

You’ve probably done lots of research into your new employer prior to your interview. But before you join, it’s worth having another thorough look at their website. If you work in web development or UX design, it will be useful to look at the navigation, donor journeys and calls to action. If you work in marketing or fundraising, analyse any event or campaign pages. Make a note of suggested improvements and be ready to talk through these when you start. Doing your homework will impress your new line manager and show your eagerness.  

Keep a note of what you’d like to learn more about 

It’s fantastic if you come to the role prepared, but nobody expects you to know everything right away. You’ll hopefully have a thorough onboarding process which will cover off everything you need to know. Your manager will talk you through your immediate priorities and introduce you to the members of your team that you’ll be interacting with most frequently. But if there are areas of the charity’s work that you’d like to know more about, let your line manager know. Your first month in your new job is the time to ask as many questions as possible. Make sure that you keep a note of everything that you’ve learnt.  

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Get to know your team 

Even before you start, you might have a good idea of some of the key members of your team, particularly if you’re in a management position. If you feel comfortable doing so, you might even consider adding them on LinkedIn before you start and introducing yourself. It’s important to understand how your roles will interact. Make sure you spend time with each direct report or team member during your first couple of weeks in the role. Ask to shadow those who will work with you most closely, to better understand their roles.  

Absorb the culture 

Every charity is different, and it might take you a while to figure out the culture of your new workplace. Use the first few weeks to understand how your charity interacts with donors, volunteers and the wider community. For many organisations, the culture can be traced back to its origin, so make sure that you read up about the mission statement, vision and values. Observe to see when and how new ideas should be voiced, and if you’re in doubt, speak to your line manager.  

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Show your dedication and be proactive 

Work hard during the first few weeks to show yourself in the best possible light. It’s understandable that you’re still learning the ropes, but if you do have any free time during your induction use it wisely. Why not use it to ask your teammates whether you can offer them a hand with anything that they’re working on? This will also give you a valuable insight into how the team operates.  

Enjoy your new job!

Starting a new job can often be daunting but try to see it as an adventure to embrace. Soak up all the knowledge, get to know your team and figure out which new skills you’d like to learn next. And most of all, enjoy it! 

Ewa Jozefkowicz

CharityJob's Content Manager Ewa Jozefkowicz has a passion for all things digital, particularly when it comes to UX and writing engaging copy. In her spare time she likes to travel and devour huge quantities of books.

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