Questions you should definitely ask in an interview

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Congratulations – you made it to the interview stage! You’ve spent time researching and preparing for all the questions they could possibly ask you, ready to match your skills and experience to the charity and the role. But what about when it’s your turn? When a charity ask if you have any questions for them, it’s your chance to truly shine. Not only will you demonstrate that you’ve really given some thought to your work, you’ll also leave a great final impression.

But which questions should you ask?

The questions you ask should all be aimed at reinforcing your suitability as a candidate- so be wary of asking anything about holidays or pay! It will also give you an opportunity to find out things about the charity that you can’t find online.
It’s a great idea to go to the interview with a couple of questions up your sleeve. Here are our some of our favourites!

1. What challenges could I face in the first 3 months?
It’s worth being aware of any challenges that could be popping up when you’re new in the role. This will also show the interviewer that you’re really serious about achieving your objectives, no matter what happens.

2. What are the short and long term objectives of the organisation?
This shows the interviewer that you are a team player, and are focussed on helping the charity to achieve its goals.



3. Who would I report to?                      

If the person interviewing you will also be your future manager, you’ll want to build a rapport with them straight away in the interview.

4. How has the organisation changed since it first started?
It’s really interesting to know how a charity has changed over time. Has it shifted focus slightly? Are the goals for the future slightly different?

5. How would you describe the company’s culture?
This will help you to understand how you will fit in the organisation, and if you will be happy there.

6. Can you give me some examples of the types of projects I might be working on?
This will help you get a taste for the work you’ll be doing, as well as whether or not the role matches your expectations. It may even give you some great ideas to bring up in the interview!

shutterstock_1526121057. How does the company support and promote personal and professional growth?
This shows the interviewer that you are committed to developing and growing in the charity. It’s also important for you to know what opportunities there are for promotion and moving to a more senior role.

8. How could I impress you in my first three months?       

This important question will tell you exactly how they would like to see you perform, and what you should be concentrating on. This also shows the interviewer that you are thinking ahead.

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