A Recruiter’s Guide to Writing Your CV

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As a recruiter, I spend many hours of my day sourcing, screening and receiving CV’s that are in beautiful creative technicolour. Some CVs are relevant to the job in question, whereas others are too generic.

Innovative, dynamic and creative CV’s are necessary when applying for jobs that require an artistic flair, not when applying for jobs as administrators or HR officers. CV’s that are overly dramatic and difficult to fathom out and read are not going to be shortlisted for two reasons:

1. They do not come across as professional documents written with the intention to gain employment

2. If CV’s are illegible and difficult to read they simply will not be read!

Recruiters like clear, concise, informative documents that outline your work/educational history without pink stars and stripes across the top of the page or details of how fast you ran the 100 meters in your year 7 sports day.

Artistic splendour and originality are great when appropriate, but sometimes less is more, as the recruiters are looking for facts as opposed to pretty graphics and tables. However, when applying for a technical role often a table is the best way of presenting the IT packages and databases that have been previously used. When applying for roles within the Arts, Marketing and Media, often a more creative approach is best.
In essence, the job you are applying for really does define the type of CV you present to a potential employer. Always think about how your CV will be perceived by the recruiter and whether it is relevant to the job purpose.

To summarise, the key points to remember when creating your CV are:
• Make your CV clear and concise
• Base your CV on facts and make sure your dates and lengths of employment tally up
• Always gear your CV to the type of role you are applying for
• DO NOT use illegible fonts that cannot be easily read
• DO NOT include irrelevant points about yourself and your social life


This post was provided by Danielle Lock, Recruitment Consultant.

Emma Begg

Product and Marketing Manager at CharityConnect. Love learning about new technology and helping to create a culture of collaboration over at www.charityconnect.co.uk

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