The Charity Gender Pay Gap & How to Fix It

Why are women in charities paid less than their male counterparts?

Did you know that women make up over two-thirds of the charity sector workforce? They want to work for charities. They trust and support them more than men do. So why are they getting paid less?

In April 2018, 10,000 charitable organisations rushed to submit their figures on the gender pay gap. The results stirred up debates across the media, with many frustrated by the vague nature of what the data was telling them. Since then, we’ve taken a closer look and analysed what those findings mean for the charity sector.

This report examines

  • The current state of big charities
  • The realities of caring responsibilities
  • How we can mend the gap

Explore our full breakdown of the gender pay gap in the charity sector and discover the steps we need to take to make it a fairer place to work.

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