CharityJob Salary Report 2024

How have charity salaries changed—and how does your charity match up?

The CharityJob Salary Report 2024 is based on over 48,000 paid roles posted on our website last year. It lists average salaries across the sector for different specialisms, levels of role and sizes of charity and shows how these have changed since 2022.

This year’s report reveals a changing recruitment market, with more active candidates and fewer available jobs. It looks at positive salary trends and evolving workplace arrangements alongside concerns regarding salary satisfaction and the cost of living. We hope this report is a useful tool for recruiters to make fair and informed decisions about salaries.

Find out:

  • how the charity sector recruitment market has changed since 2022
  • salary trends and average salaries for different job types, including fundraising, support work, finance, HR and more
  • average salaries by experience level and charity size
  • how charity salaries measure up to the Living Wage
  • the most common charity sector benefits, and which ones matter most to candidates.

See how your charity compares—download the CharityJob Salary Report 2024.

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