Tips to Improve a Campaign Manager’s CV

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Whether you already work as a campaign manager or are looking to progress into the role, we have broken down the key skills you need to demonstrate within your CV to be considered for an interview. Here’s exactly what you need to do to make your Campaign Manager CV tick all the right boxes.

What Does a Campaign Manager do?

Finding a voice for the charity in a crowded market is the role of the campaign manager. It’s a strategic role where information gathered from multiple internal or external agencies is used to determine the right platform to be used to get the message in front of the target audience.

The job title ‘Campaign Manager’ could be confused with Marketing/Fundraising Manager as the terms are used interchangeably and the roles have overlapping functions. In its truest form a Campaign Managers job is to create and deliver impactful campaigns to raise awareness of a charities work stream.

What are the key skills a Campaign Manager needs to demonstrate on their CV?

Following a review of ten Campaign Manager roles advertised on CharityJob, it emerged that there were three skills mentioned in 90% of the roles.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to develop relationships across organisations
  • Development of measurable and impactful campaigns

Now we know what the recruiter is looking for, how can you make these skills really shine in your CV so the recruiter considers you for the job?

Tips to Improve a Campaign Manager’s CV

Communication skills

The ability to communicate effectively is key to this role. You also need to have well-honed interpersonal skills to influence and inspire internal teams and the target audience to respond to the call to action. How do you demonstrate this on your CV? Below are some of the examples bullet points that can be tailored to your own experiences.

  • Wrote clear creative briefs for Creative Agencies to share campaign vision
  • Developed campaign plans and produced progress reports to keep internal teams up-to-date
  • Analysed campaign success against key performance indicators including page views, clicks, response to call etc. and produced cohesive reports for management
  • Presented campaign objectives to groups of 30+ which resulted in increased awareness of campaigns objectives
  • Liaised with high net worth individuals as well as small businesses to understand their charitable objectives and to secure their donations

Cross-organisational relationships

As a Campaign Manager, you will gather information from different internal arms of the organisations such as market researchers, business strategist, customer facing team and the delivery team. You will then relay the key messages from these teams to external organisations such as the creative and media agencies to produce imagery and wording that is engaging, conforms to overall brand values and has a clear call to action.


Examples for  a Campaign Manager’s CV

As the role interfaces so many internal and external teams your ability to quickly develop rapport will be critical to successfully delivering on-budget and within timescales.  Examples to include within your CV to demonstrate this skill could include:

  • Collaborated with an external media agency to create an impactful campaign which resulted in 30% increase in memberships
  • Cultivated relationships with key PR departments by attending and organising networking events to gain coverage for campaigns
  • Worked effectively with internal and external teams to gather and communicate campaign brief which resulted in the development of an impactful campaign which increased donations by 30%

Impactful campaigns

Being a good number cruncher is key to this role as organisations are hot on measuring effects of campaign.  When analysing a campaigns performance against specified performance indicators the organisation is understanding whether the money they spent on developing the campaign was worth it. Sophisticated methods can be employed to capture data from different campaigning platforms e.g. social media hits, page views, response to marketing emails etc.  Examples you can include within your CV are:

  • Led a social media campaign to secure participants in a charity walk which was raising awareness on diabetes; the Facebook element of campaign resulted in 400 participants signing up for the walk
  • Analysed impact of social media campaigns versus direct mail campaigns to secure donations for a heart failure charity; found 42% increase in donations following direct marketing campaign

Other key terms to include in your CV for a campaign manager role

Other skills that many of the job advertisements for a campaign manager included were experience in digital marketing and the ability to develop multi-channel strategies. Bearing in mind the use of automated software to filter CV applications for roles, it is well worth amending the terminology you use within your CV to reflect that within the role you are applying for.

Campaigning is one of CharityJob’s most exciting job categories, take a peek at all the campaigning jobs available today.


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