4 Amazing Benefits of Working Part-Time

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People have been debating the pros and cons of full and part-time jobs since time began (or at least that’s what it feels like). More often than not, the responsibilities in a part-time job don’t vary much from full-time positions – the main differences lie in the number of hours spent at work, and the amount of responsibility placed on the employee.

Within the charity sector, there are several options for part-time jobs which allow you to contribute to the greater good within a schedule that fits within your lifestyle. You can work directly with your community, contribute a specialised skill (design, social media, finance, law) or even discover ways to connect with potential supporters. All of these are jobs that allow you to a) make a living and b) do something good while balancing other life responsibilities.

When deciding whether you should be working full or part-time, there are four major considerations you must examine:

  • Personal choices
  • Financial priorities
  • Skills possessed/required
  • Charity and contribution

If the current goal is to gain as much experience as possible, help others in need, and have the flexibility to work around other commitments, taking a part-time job may be beneficial. Still not convinced? Here are 4 huge benefits of taking a part-time job.


1. Extra time to pursue something else

The average person sleeps for approximately seven hours. When working full-time, you’re pretty much left with ten hours of free time. Now, two of those hours go to basic activities like eating, showering and socialising with colleagues/family. You’re left with eight hours (in best of the cases) to do whatever you want with your day.

The problem is that most of your energy is drained by the time you finish working, so the thought of doing other activities that require effort can seem like a chore. When you work part-time, you get the added time and energy to take care of other areas of your life. You can cultivate balance in your lifestyle, and live a better life where stress is not present each day of your life. If you’re in the charity area, your job won’t be a job, but rather a place where you can give your best to the community.

4 Amazing Benefits of Working Part-Time

2. Gateway to advanced opportunities

Part-time jobs have the potential to lead to great things. In fact, if you know how to choose your job well, you’ll be able to improve your skills and expertise in the field that you want. Moreover, a lot of new opportunities will pop up, and that’s because you’re putting yourself in the right environment.

More often than not, organisations hire part-time employees for different jobs to fulfil a need that has just been identified within their team. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to go in and really put a stamp on your role.

A part-time option seems reasonable because it also allows you to learn the basics. After that, new opportunities arise. The moment an employer spots talent and potential, there’s always a door that will open.


3. Less stress, better flexibility

Full-time jobs can be exhausting at times. So let’s think about the health benefits of a part-time role. If you’re under continuous stress, your health starts to suffer. Countless studies have already proven that stress is a big influencing factor that leads to anxiety and depression. Moreover, it leads to a state of unhappiness that could last for a long time.

Part-time jobs can reduce the amount of stress that you’re under because you may not be given the same level of responsibility and you’re able to create a better work/life balance. You’re working less, so you can enjoy your venture without having to carry work around with you all day (or every day). Of course, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to develop a professional presence at work. Always maximise your time in the office and build a strong relationship with your colleagues.

4 Amazing Benefits of Working Part-Time

4. You develop time-management skills

When you feel “stuck” in a 9-5 schedule, you go through the same routine each and every day. Soon enough you’ll know the drill, and this can lead to a general feeling of being in the comfort zone.

Now, I don’t want to discourage full-time jobs, not at all. I’m just trying to say that in many cases, repetition and routine can lead to falling into a state of comfort. You know what you have to do, what’s expected of you, and always understand your responsibilities.

While working part-time jobs, you’re not sitting in just one place. Firstly, you’ll get the chance to explore more job opportunities and see how it is to work for more than just an employer. Secondly, you’ll be able to develop new skills in different niches of activity.

What makes part-time jobs even better is the fact that you’ll learn how to manage your time properly. They often demand smart decisions, proper time management, and good solutions.

Still looking for answers? There’s no hurry. Choosing between two different lifestyles is always an important decision and you should take your time. But, don’t be afraid to try something new. You need to start testing new things, experience new feelings, and maybe enjoy more types of works. With time and a bit of luck, you will find your calling.

Paula Hicks

Paula is an experienced journalist and freelance writer. She knows everything about job search and freelancing. Paula's big dream is to open a publishing house to help beginner authors like herself.

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