How to become a Volunteer Reading Helper

Entry level

Thinking of spending some time as a Volunteer Reading Helper?

Not every child learns to read at the same pace – in fact, many struggle with a range of developmental disabilities that make reading difficult. As a Volunteer Reading Helper, you’ll be making a real difference in a child’s life by assisting with their learning development. You’ll need to be patient and flexible, but the outcome is absolutely worth the effort when you know you’re helping a young person learn a valuable life skill. This is a great gateway position if you’re considering a career in education or social work.

The benefits of being a Volunteer Reading Helper

How you’re helping

  • Directly helping a child learn how to read
  • Helping nurture a child's confidence confidence
  • Encouraging children to overcome language barriers when English isn't their first language

What you’re gaining

  • The rewarding feeling of helping a child who is struggling to learn to read
  • Teaching and leadership experience
  • A more empathetic understanding of learning disabilities

Development and growth

Skills you’ll need

  • Experience working with children or young people
  • Ability to listen, communicate and engage positively with children who need extra help
  • A creative approach to learning strategies

Skills you’ll gain

  • Teaching specific skills
  • Ability to work effectively in an unsupervised environment
  • Excellent project planning

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