How to become a Volunteer Social Media Assistant

2-3 days a week
Entry level

Thinking of spending some time as a Volunteer Social Media Assistant?

Volunteering as a Social Media Assistant at a charity is a great way to not only bulk up your work experience, but to use your expertise to help bring more attention to an important cause. As a volunteer, you'll only work a few days a week, but the organisation will be looking to you to help shape their social media strategy and introduce new trends that will boost their online presence. This role is most likely to appear in a small charity without the resources at hand to manage social channels themselves.

The benefits of being a Volunteer Social Media Assistant

How you’re helping

  • Developing the tone of voice for the organisation on social media
  • Helping the charity reach a wider audience
  • Generating brand awareness

What you’re gaining

  • The personal satisfaction of supporting a charity in a role you're confident in
  • The ability to contribute to the social media community of a charity
  • Experience creating and executing a social media strategy

Development and growth

Skills you’ll need

  • An understanding of how to interact with people on social media
  • Basic design knowledge to create images for social posts
  • Strong communication skills

Skills you’ll gain

  • The confidence to bring new ideas to the table
  • Ability to cope under pressure
  • A results-oriented mindset

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