How to become a Volunteer Treasurer


Thinking of spending some time as a Volunteer Treasurer?

A Volunteer Treasurer's responsibilities can vary depending on the size and nature of the charity, but ultimately your job is to work with the financial team to develop a budget and monitor and evaluate financial progress. Although this may be a paid position at larger charities, smaller organisations often seek out volunteers to spend a few hours or days a week to help guide their financial decisions and act as a voice of expertise. You'll be expected to bring a certain level of experience and know-how to the role to ensure the financial success of the organisation.

The benefits of being a Volunteer Treasurer

How you’re helping

  • Guiding and advising on annual budget and financial operations
  • Contributing to the overall strategy by advising on financial implications of strategic plans
  • Organising financial resources and reserves

What you’re gaining

  • Helping a charity succeed financially and achieve their goals
  • Gaining essential charity sector experience
  • A clearer sense of purpose driven by passion for a particular cause

Development and growth

Skills you’ll need

  • Professional accounting, finance or similar qualification
  • Good understanding of financial management and reporting
  • Experience in establishing or setting out strategic goals in a business setting

Skills you’ll gain

  • Stronger analysis and monitoring skills
  • Specialised finance skills for the non-profit sector
  • Knowledge of non-profit governance and structure

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