How to become a Volunteer Trustee

2-4 hours a month

Thinking of spending some time as a Volunteer Trustee?

A Trustee is part of a larger board of people that govern a non-profit. They play an important role in ensuring a charity is run in the interest of the people it's supporting. Ultimately, they're the guardians of the organisation's mission, ensuring that all decisions put the beneficiaries first. As a Trustee, you'll need to think strategically and make sure the organisation is sustainable. Although you don't run the day-to-day activities, you support the wider team and shape the direction of the organisation.

The benefits of being a Volunteer Trustee

How you’re helping

  • Working alongside other trustees to ensure the financial health of a charity
  • Striving to further share the charity's mission and sure objectives are met
  • Engaging in the charity's desire to expand its fundraising presence

What you’re gaining

  • An opportunity to see how a charity operates from the most senior position
  • Development of your management and leadership skills

Development and growth

Skills you’ll need

  • Experience in a senior management position in the charity sector
  • Ability to make well-informed decisions based on data
  • A results-oriented mindset

Skills you’ll gain

  • Ability to foster positive working relationships in diverse organisations
  • Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills

Expert tip

Helen Chester Director at SkyBlu Solutions

“ I’d firstly find a charity that I believed in. I’d be clear on what skills and experiences I could bring to the board of my chosen charity and approach them. Then I’d ask to go along to a couple of board meetings to see how they operate – my experience is that boards can be vastly different. “

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