10 ways to bring summer into the office

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The days are finally getting longer and the sun is doing much more than just brightening up everyone’s mood. Just because you’re in the office, doesn’t mean that you have to watch summer pass you by. There are plenty of ways to bring a piece of summer into work with you, here are 10 ways to do just that…

Change your commute

Now’s the time to avoid cramped public transport! Start your day right with a nice walk or cycle ride into work.

Plan a team BBQ

Sunshine, great food and better company… what’s not to like?

Stock the fridge

There’s nothing wrong with a sweet treat! Keep the fridge filled with refreshments for everyone to share.

Fun days and sports days

Whether you want to raise money for charity or just have a fun day out in the sun, this is the perfect opportunity to really bond with your colleagues. Make the most of it!

Pump up the radio

Start playing those summer jams and turn the radio up. Create a playlist for the office and give everyone a chance to add their favorite song to the list.


Open up the windows for fresh air

Let some fresh air in and take in the view from your window while you’re there.

Ice cream break!

Don’t let the sun torture you… cool down with some of your favorite ice cream.

Brighten up the office with some flowers

Bring a little bit of colour to your teams’ table.

Stay hydrated, always

Sometimes it’s hard to make sure that you’re having 2 liters a day! Carry a water bottle with you (added bonus if you can find one like this that keeps you motivated)

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