2018: A Year in Retrospect

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It’s been a busy year in the CharityJob office. We’ve made some major changes to our site, saw some internal growth and even managed to inspire a wider range of people than ever before. With 2019 just over the horizon, we decided to take a break from the bustle and spend some time reflecting on all the amazing things that happened this year.  

In 2018, posted 65,847 paid jobs and 23,433 volunteer roles and provided 98 pieces of original content for job seekers and recruiters. And even more impressive than that, we reached almost 1 million registered candidates on our site! 

Want to know why we’re so ready for a bit of much-needed holiday rest and relaxation? This is everything we got up to in 2018. 


Digging a bit deeper into sector trends 

Did you know that women make up over two-thirds of the charity workforce? And of those women, 56% feel that their gender has an impact on their career. With so many women working in the sector, why is there still a gender pay disparity? We wanted to know this and more, which is why we spent a great deal of time putting together our Diversity & Discrimination and Gender Pay Gap reports. 

We were shocked to find out how much age factored into recruitment in the non-profit sector, and that 30% of men felt like they had to work harder to advance because of how many more women worked in the sector than men. Want to take a closer look at our findings? You can download the full reports here.

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Promoting the power of a fulfilling career at TEDx 

In March, our very own career change expert, Bruna De Palo, headed to Manchester University to give a talk on behalf of TEDx, a program of local events designed to bring people together and spark deep discussion and connection in an intimate group. Bruna’s talk, Bringing Who You Are into What You Do, emphasised how important it is to discover what you’re passionate about and how to bring that into your everyday working life. By sharing her own journey of self-discovery and development, she inspired the group to go out and find a more fulfilling career path.

2018: A Year in Retrospect

Find Your Why 

Have you ever thought what it would be like to leave an uninspired job for something in the non-profit sector? Well, that’s exactly what Hannah, Scott and Priya did, which was why we wanted to broadcast their stories to the world. In July, we launched Find Your Why, a visual campaign focused on the benefits of leaving a job in the private sector for a more meaningful career in non-profit. 

You shared your stories, asked us loads of questions and expressed your interest in following in the footsteps of our stars. The videos got an incredible amount of engagement, with over 1 million views in total.

9 to Alive 

One in four people in the UK are unhappy at work, yet they continue to work in jobs or industries that fall short of igniting that passion that makes for a really great career. So why don’t more people just shake things up and make a change? Chances are, they don’t know how. 

That’s where 9 to Alive comes in. In September of this year, we launched our brand-new educational video series dedicated to helping people find more meaningful careers. Each episode features Bruna De Palo and delves deeper into different aspects of the career hunt, from creating a 5-year plan to examining common fears. Since its launch, we’ve published 9 videos and had a total watch time of 10,839 minutes. And it’s only getting better!

CharityConnect 2.0 

Since the launch of our online community two years ago, we’ve seen our users grow, evolve and even spark amazing friendships offline. As more people got involved, our imaginations went wild with all the ways we could improve the platform – and this year, we finally got to do just that. 

After weeks of research and plenty of feedback from our community, the CharityConnect team rolled up their sleeves and gave the site a significant restructure. Not only did they change the whole look and feel of the platform, they also introduced exciting new features like direct messaging and a new way of spotlighting the latest contributors. And the community absolutely loved it. 

Take a look for yourself and learn how you can connect with the wider charity community.


Sponsoring Prison HOPE Fun Day

In June, we sponsored the Prison HOPE Fun Day event at Lambeth Palace, which was a full day of activities for children with a parent incarcerated. It was a great opportunity for our team to get to meet some of the, people that work with prisoners. Several other charities attended, including Children Seen and Heard, Action for Children, The Salvation Army, Prison Fellowship and the CFEO. We even met a young inspiring filmmaker named Luke! You can find out more about his story here.

2018: A Year in Retrospect


There’s no doubt the holidays are a popular time for giving, which is why we wanted to get more people involved in the spirit of giving back with our #ElfishNotSelfish Christmas campaign. The goal was simple: each day, we issued a new challenge to inspire our audience to perform a small act of kindness. And boy did you guys get involved!  

Whether it was baking a festive cake for a friend, sparking up a conversation with a lonely colleague or donating to your favourite charity, every little bit helped in making this a successful season of giving. Want to find out who won our weekly challenges? Head over to our InstagramTwitter and Facebook pages. And if you’re still eager to give back, you can find a donation or volunteer location near you with our Interactive Aid Map:



2018: A Year in Retrospect

It’s been a big year for the CharityJob team, and there are plenty of exciting things still to come. Stay tuned to find out what we have planned next. And if you’re ready to apply for your next position in the new year, take a look at what non-profit jobs are waiting out there for you.

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