3 top tips to help you win Dream Candidate

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Please note, the Dream Candidate competition has now closed. We will announce the winner soon. Check out the entries on our Talent Academy Facebook page.

Looking for your dream charity job? Then our Dream Candidate competition could help you get started!
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Find your dream job tips
Nowadays, everybody has an updated CV with the same boring layout. But with the job market constantly getting tougher, you have to go the extra mile if you really want to find the job of your dreams. That’s why we launched the Dream Candidate competition, to help you unleash your creativity, and get a foot in the door.

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With Dream Candidate, everyone is winner. All CV’s will be promoted on our Talent Academy Facebook page, and on our blog. So it’s time to get creative!

Last year’s participants set the bar really high, with video, website and visual CV’s stealing the top spots. Our top tips will help you do the same:

Tips For an impressive video, first, you have to make sure it is appropriate and relevant. Do not just read out your CV verbatim, but use the time to offer greater insight into you and what you are really capable of. Don’t be afraid to talk about your passions. And don’t forget to keep it short, less than 4 minutes. “Think of your video resume as your own personal teaser trailer” says Mashable. Remember, you need to include the CharityJob logo and #notjustajob in your entry. Download the logo here.


TipsFor a visual CV, the first thing you can do is check out Pinterest. You will find loads of inspiration and creative examples there. You can make an infographic on Piktochart, presentation on SlideSharer, comic strip on Pixton, use Photoshop, Paint, draw it yourself, create it by hand … Literally anything you want! Just think how you want to brand yourself. Make sure you are consistent with colours, photos and typography. A visual CV can be short, or even just a drawing or picture, so you have to think hard about what story you want to tell. And as always, keep it relevant.

A Website CV makes a great entry as it can be interactive. It enables you to include any external links to your work and talents. You can use Wix or even better, you can create it yourself. Not sure? Check out this brilliant website CV from last year’s competition.

Ready to go?tips
When you’re ready, you can submit your entry right here. Remember, we are looking for creative CVs, with our logo and #notjustajob included. You can check the terms and conditions here.

Good luck!

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