5 Ways to Bounce Back From Redundancy

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In the past few years, redundancy has become more prevalent and has been a reality for many people. And there’s no doubt that it’s distressing – mostly because there isn’t a backup plan and the moment you lose your job signals the beginning of a journey of uncertainty. There can also be more pressure if you don’t know if you’ll be able to secure a new job as quickly as you’d like to. Yes, having your employment terminated sucks, but it shouldn’t define your destination.

At a glance, getting the boot is terrifying, and for most people dealing with the situation is a challenge. Within all the challenges you face, here are seven ways to push through it with strength.

1.    Use it as an opportunity to change the course of your life

What we assume to be best for us isn’t always the best and losing your job can be an opportunity to set that straight. Think of a scenario where you’re at the peak of your successful career then out of the blues, you don’t have a job and everything comes crumbling down. Depending on how you deal with the situation, it will prove to be your make or break.

Yes, it can be hurtful and you will go through a period of heavily mixed emotions. These feelings don’t necessarily mean you start on a revenge plan. They may be of good use, motivating you to get to a better position in life.

Your job may feel like the “one”. Quite frankly the “one” is that which pushes you to realise your goals. This means that it can change, as your goals, do with time, just as first. Losing your job gives you a good reason to try new things or pursue a path that you’re more passionate about.

2.    Take a moment to evaluate things

It’s important to take a break to re-evaluate yourself and your current situation regularly – basically, taking stock of your life. Many of us get stuck in life as a result of poor choices made in the past. Losing your job is a good reminder to take a moment and see if you are where you’d like to be. And if not, why? The break you get from your job allows you to have a mental break and an opportunity to assess yourself in a way that can in fact bring more clarity.

What gives you satisfaction in life, as an individual, is what counts. That job that you’re in may not be giving you any satisfaction, but because we’re inclined to believe that without it we may not survive, we go on and persevere. Take the time to consider what you need to do to improve your quality of life – a new job with a completely different organisation may be the key. Or deciding that you would rather start working part time to enjoy more time with your family. Whatever it may be, now is the time to make that change and pursue something more fulfilling.

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3.    Remember the “Dream Job” is every changing

All the way up from our days at school to University, we’re pushed to be successful in life. But that image of success is different for everyone. For many people, this basically means landing the dream job that allows them to combine what their good at with what they’re passionate about. And for many of you looking for a job in the charity sector, that also means supporting a worthy cause. But getting your dream job doesn’t come easy. Now, imagine having put all effort to get that job only to have it taken from you. It can be a harsh reality to come to terms with, but that also doesn’t mean that there isn’t more waiting for you elsewhere. And in other cases, your dream job may just not be what you’d hoped for.

Losing your job may prove to be the opportunity you needed to discover your true “dream job”. It’s natural to try out new things to sustain ourselves. This may lead you to develop passion and interest in other career paths. Understand that your dream job is not fixed and only you can decide what it is.

4.    Expand your fields

Among the most valuable lessons from redundancy, it teaches you is that it’s important to have other ways to feel secure. It forces you to think of a  backup plan and possibly a backup of the backup plan. This implies that you’ll need to diversify.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and go for roles that, otherwise, you may have never considered. Use this as a moment to challenge yourself and expand your skill set.

5.    Get close to the company you keep

The people around you form your world, from your family to your work mates. Your ability to do well in any environment depends on the kind of relationships that you’ve developed with the people in that environment. Simply put, for you to do your job well, understand the people around you.

Getting a true picture of your immediate company usually happens during such moments. When you lose your job, chances are you’ll need to rely on them for moral support. Building strong and lasting relationships with people is important in any given situation but now is the time to call on yours. Not only will this help you to stay motivated during a difficult period, it could potentially open the doors to a new opportunity.

To sum it up…

Having your employment terminated unexpectedly can bring you to an unexpected halt. It can be a moment of uncertainty in your life but it can also be turned into an opportunity for you to create a lasting positive change. Choose to make lemonade with the lemons – you could get started on that business plan that you’d put on hold for so long, take that needed break, or decide to venture into a completely different field. Whatever you choose to do, stay positive and keep going.

Have any advice for someone facing redundancy? Share them with us in the comments section below.

Charles Ebert

Charles is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Charles is a lead expert at Professional Resume Solutions. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football.

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