8 Ways to Give to Charity Without Donating Money

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Want to contribute to a cause that you feel passionate about, but don’t have a great deal of cash to spare? No problem. There are many ways you can help which don’t involve donating money. Here are some of our top tips.

1. Volunteer

What better way to make a difference than volunteer your time for a cause that you feel passionate about? Not only can you have an impact, but you might just find that you get back more than you give. Volunteering has been proven to reduce stress, boost self-esteem and improve overall mental health. And if you’re looking to build a career in the charity sector, it’s also a great way to boost your skills and gain valuable experience. So why not take a look at the latest volunteering opportunities near you?

volunteer during free time

2. Give away your excess paint

Charities like Community Repaint re-purpose your spare paint for communal projects such as murals and playground artwork. Did you know that almost 50 million litres of the 320 million litres of paint sold in the UK each year go to waste? And this leftover paint is usually thrown away, although as much as 50% of it still usable. But you can reduce waste, lower your disposal costs and contribute to the community by putting your leftover paint to good use. Why not start by searching for your local drop off point? 



3. Cut your hair for charity

Did you know that your overgrown lockdown hair could have been put to good use? A lot of Brits thankfully did, and hair donations were more popular than ever once hairdressers reopened.  Little Princess Trust makes wigs for young children who lost their hair through chemotherapy and they’re on a mission to end childhood cancer forever. Just 30cm of your hair can help build a child’s confidence as they battle through chemo. Here’s how you can contribute.

donating hair to charity

4. Donate Blood 

Be a saviour! Donate blood and save lives. In the UK alone, about 5000 donations are needed each day. It only takes 15 mins of your time to donate blood and one single donation can save up to three lives. If you’re looking to become a donor, visit the NHS blood donation website and register using the simple sign-up form.


5. Encourage your employer to build a charity partnership

If your employer is already partnered with a charity, discuss with your CSR team about how you can get involved. Keen to get your colleagues on board with supporting a local cause? Why not try the Semble platform, which connects purpose-driven businesses with its network of community projects so that they can work together to grow their impact. It’s also worth checking out CAF and Payroll-giving for ways you can contribute directly from your pay to your favourite causes.   

why people volunteer

6. Run

Charity runs are one of the most popular fundraising methods out there. Many runners take part to express their gratitude for the help they or their loved ones received from a charity. Whatever your reason, find a local event and get active! But bear in mind that some events are exclusively held to support a certain cause while others will usually allow you to choose from an array of charities.

 7. Grow your facial hair out

 Join in with No-Shave November and raise money for cancer awareness and prevention. Strict dress code at work? Don’t worry, grow your moustache instead and make it MovemberMovember focuses not only on cancer but on other men’s health issues including mental health. And as of 2019, about 70% of the funds raised went towards men’s health projects with Prostate Cancer UK being its primary beneficiary.  

volunteer friends laughing

 8. Be an advocate on social media

Create awareness amongst your friends and followers about your favourite charity by sharing the work that they do on social media. Sharing content about campaigns could help the cause you support get more like-minded people to contribute towards it. 

It’s all about trying new things

Whichever cause you support, think creatively about how you can contribute. Hopefully the above points will have given you some food for thought, but it’s always worth getting in touch directly with your charity of choice to find out more about the campaigns and events that they’re running. All you need to do is put your passion into it!



Sathya Mohan

Sathya is Charity Job’s Marketing Assistant, he has much passion for community building and engagement. He is also a trustee at Ideas Test, a charity that supports local communities in Swale and Medway to live better by engaging them in creative activities. When he isn’t working, he enjoys lifting weights and playing tennis.

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