Feeling Stuck at Work? Here’s How to Turn Your 9 to 5 Into a 9 to Alive

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Did you know that roughly one-quarter of the adult UK population are unhappy at work? We don’t know how you guys feel about it, but we won’t stand for it. Different estimates gage that you will spend between 80-90,000 hours of your life working. Spending this much time feeling unfulfilled is simply not good your mental health.

Almost every day we communicate with people who feel trapped; those who dream of changing careers, but they don’t know how or are unsure what opportunities are out there for them. That’s why we’ve made it our personal mission to change this. That change has already started for some, and it can for you, too!

In September we launched our latest venture 9 to Alive on YouTube. Under the guidance of our very own professional Life Coach and career shifter, Bruna De Palo, we’ve been sharing practical tips, advice and inspiration for how you can find fulfilment in your work. It’s time to make that change to a career you love.

If you haven’t seen it so far, here’s a recap on how you can start to turn your 9 to 5 into a 9 to Alive!


What to do when you’re unhappy at work

The first warning sign of a toxic or unmotivating career is being filled with a deeply ingrained sense of unhappiness whenever you’re in the office. This is dangerous because it has the potential to bleed into the rest of your life and affect your personal relationships and motivations. So what can you do to fix this? In this episode, you’ll learn to pinpoint the exact cause of your unhappiness at work, and start to examine what it is that you want next in your career.

The most common fears all career shifters have

Once you’ve decided you want to shift careers – and discovered exactly what it is that needs to change – the next step is often (understandably) to panic. In this episode, Bruna examines the fears that hold us back, and how to face them head-on. We can’t predict everything that’s going to happen when we shift to a new career, but you can mentally prepare yourself to embrace change and be open to new experiences.

Imran Khalil turned his passion into a fulfiling career – and you can too!

Imran’s love of boxing and passion to help others encouraged him to leave a government job behind, to start The Fighting Chance. Now he provides employability training through sport and boxing for those who are disadvantaged in the labour market. Imran faced all the same fears other career shifters experience when he made the change, but see how he overcame them to fulfil his need to help others through a sport he loves. Learn from him, and you’ll realise that your goals are achievable too.

How to build a 5-year career plan part 1: finding the right path for you

Now it’s time to start putting a plan together. Where do you want to be in five years’ time? What do you want your career to look like? In part 1 of this 3-part miniseries, we take a closer look at different methods you can use to find your ideal career path. We’ll examine how to uncover unusual jobs, research new industries and explore what other people have done to find a fulfilling career. We want to broaden your horizons and show you how many amazing opportunities are out there that maybe you just haven’t heard of yet. Trust us, they’re out there!

What’s the next step?

Like what you’ve seen so far? Subscribe to our YouTube channel (and make sure you turn on the notifications!) to catch part 2 and 3 of the ‘How to Build a 5-Year Career Plan’ miniseries. We’ll be giving you more tips and tricks to get your plan in place so you can be where you want to be in your career in 5-years.

To keep up to date with everything that’s going on with 9 to Alive, you can also check out 9toalive.charityjob.co.uk.

So, are you ready to turn you 9 to 5 into 9 to Alive? Let us know in the comments below!

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