Are you Interested? Let recruiters know!

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Are you ready for job hunting to become easier? Then you’re in the right place. Introducing our latest feature, designed with you in mind… Send Interest!

Send Interest is the new feature, exclusive to CharityJob and it’s about to take the job-hunting world by storm. As exciting as finding your dream role can be, we also know it can be tough when you spend time and energy applying for jobs you aren’t quite suited for. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could know before you even begin applying that you have the level of skills and experience that the recruiter is looking for?

Well, now you can!

With our new Send Interest feature, you will know whether you’re suited for a role before you’ve even applied. By using the ‘Send Interest’ option, your CharityJob profile is instantly sent to the recruiter, allowing them to see if they think you fit the bill.

If they do, the Recruiter will then reply and encourage you to go ahead an apply for the role. And even if you’re not quite right, well now you know and you can spend time applying for jobs that could be the one for you!


Are you Interested? Let recruiters know!

Channel your energy into the right jobs

We know your time is precious. So Send Interest was designed with this in mind. Using the feature means that when you’re applying for a job, you already know you stand a decent chance so it’s well worth you putting all of your efforts into it. Equally, you will be able to find out whether that job which you’re unsure if you quite have the skills for is worth going for.

Save time

We like to make things as easy as possible for you, so we wanted to take some of the guesswork out of looking for a job. With Send Interest you can apply for a role confidently knowing you have the skills the recruiter is looking for. This means you cut down heavily on time spent filling out application forms for jobs you’re less suited to. Great, right?

Start a relationship with your recruiter

The Send Interest feature really is changing the way we apply for jobs. Not only does it remove an element of uncertainty, but it also creates a dialogue between you and the Recruiter before you’ve even started. If you’ve hit send interest and the Recruiter has encouraged you to apply, you can be pretty sure they’ll be looking out for your application.

To make the most of it, make sure your CharityJob profile is completely filled out and up to date. Afterall, this is what Recruiters will be judging you off when considering whether to invite you to apply for the role. So you want to make sure it shows you off to the best of your ability.

Now all you need to do is get out there and start letting people know you’re interested! Looking for a job is about to get so much easier.

Georgina D'Souza

Digital Marketing Executive at CharityJob. Lover of cat-related memes.

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