A Look Back on 9 to Alive: A Career Shifter’s Guide to the Third Sector

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2019 was a busy year for us—we launched a salary report, hosted a telethon and changed our job search functionality, but by far the best part of it was spent behind (and in front of) the camera, sharing stories and expertise with you via our 9 to Alive YouTube channel. Not quite sure what we’re talking about? Well, then you’re in for a treat because we produced plenty of amazing and practical videos aimed at helping you take those first steps into the charity job market.

We covered everything that you might come across in your charity career shift. From dispelling some of the industry myths and misconceptions to interviewing a range of fascinating charity professionals about the work they do. And there were plenty of tips throughout on how to gain experience and create a killer charity CV.

In the coming year, we’d like to take 9 to Alive to the next level, making even better content for career shifters. In the meantime, there’s an absolute wealth of tips and advice for those ready to sink their teeth into the job search.

Here are some of our favourite videos from recent months that you don’t want to miss out on.

A Look Back on 9 to Alive: A Career Shifter’s Guide to the Third Sector

1. Debunking misconceptions of the sector

We know the situation—you’re toying with the idea of a career in charity but the second you mention it to the people you know, you’re hit with an avalanche of concerns and unsolicited advice based on vague impressions and hearsay.

You’ll speak to plenty of people who aren’t aware there are paid jobs in charities, or even worse, that think that you’ll be paid a pittance for the work you do. And you’ll probably hear that the charity sector is a sleepy environment and not the kind of place for the career-minded professional. Well, that’s just not true.

Many people are put off from applying for charity jobs because they think the sector is something that it’s not. But don’t discredited yourself before you know the facts!

Want to get a better idea of what it’s really like to work in a charity? We set the records straight in the episode below.

Most Common Misconceptions About Working for a Charity | 9 to Alive

2. How to figure out your dream charity role

So you know you want a job with more purpose, and all the advice around you is telling you to pursue your passion. But we know it’s not always as simple as that—there are bills to pay and sometimes your ‘dream job’ leaves you feeling unstimulated because you’re not using your talents and making yourself useful. It doesn’t mean you’re stuck, you just need to explore a more holistic decision-making process to help you find the right position.

Meet the ikigai, the Japanese concept for determining value or meaning in one’s life. Translated roughly, it means ‘reason for being’, but in a career context, it can help you find the sweet spot between doing a job you love, utilising your skills, making a difference in the world and getting a paycheque at the end of each month. Once you’re’ able to balance all four of those elements, you’ll be both fulfilled and driven.

Ready to unpack your ikigai? Check out this episode to discover your niche.

How to Find the Right Career Using the Ikigai Concept | 9 to Alive

3. Lessons from some inspiring charity professionals

Our favourite part of 9 to Alive is speaking with real charity professionals and finding out what they love about their jobs. In our last two interviews, we spoke with Ruth Taylor and Clare Lucas, both of whom are Campaigners. These are the kind of people who, in an ideal world, you’d love to invite out for coffee to pick their minds about what they do. To save time and coffee expenses, we thought we’d do it on your behalf.

Ruth’s worked at a number of charities from Amnesty International to Child.org. And the best part? She started out as a volunteer! In this episode, she shares her wisdom on finding the right kind of volunteering job and how to leverage it as much as possible for your career.

Can Volunteer Experience Help You Land a Paid Charity Job? | 9 to Alive Interview

Clare, on the other hand, shares a bit more insight into the campaigning profession, drawing from real experiences of her work at Muscular Dystrophy UK. She gives us the scoop on what she does and why she finds her role so rewarding. Discover the kind of impact you can have as a Campaigner and how you can transition into campaign work from another career.

Interested In Campaign Work? Here’s What It’s Really Like | 9 to Alive Interview

Want to see the full range of our charity sector tips and advice? Check out our YouTube channel for more 9 to Alive episodes. Or perhaps you’re ready to scout the market and see what’s out there, take a look at the charity jobs available on our site.

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