Chapter 1 Catch-up #UnlockUrPotential17

Chapter 1: The start of the job hunt has now come to an end. We hope you’ve enjoyed following the beginning of Lizzie’s journey and we also hope she’s inspired you to keep going on your own career journey. So far your responses have been amazing! So many of you have emailed, tweeted and messaged us directly to share your stories and experiences of the job hunting world.

As we are now moving to Chapter 2: Setting your job search up successfully, here is a quick re-cap if you have missed anything.

If you want to share your stories with us you can either tweet us using the #UnlockUrPotential17 hashtag or send us a message by emailing [email protected]

Kristiana Varitimos

Previously a Marketing Executive at CharityJob. I love travelling, experiencing new things and learning about the ins and outs of marketing.

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